New Huawei 9 battery tested! how…

Connected phone: Huawei nova 9

Tormentor: Kaya Solo

You can watch the video of the duel between Kaye and Huawei’s new smartphone 9 on her YT channel.

On these short, cool days, a comfy sofa is more inviting and there’s nothing wrong with cuddling here and there on a day when our best friends are pajamas and a smartphone.

An empty battery is one of the biggest enemies of such a plan! In theory, of course, you can charge it, but you know – you are limited to a sofa or bed with a meter of charging cable. In the morning we’re pleasantly drowsy and ready to marathon our favorite series on Netflix, our smartphone woke up with a nearly empty battery. Huawei new 9 is designed for those of us who do this a lot, since it has an incredibly fast charge and by the time you’re done taking your morning shower and brewing coffee, it will already be waiting for you with a full battery.

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