TikTok knows more about you than you think

The main goal of all applications, services and games … is to keep the user using them for as long as possible, even after several hours. To do this, they use artificial intelligence that constantly collects data.

Host Sarah Kelly started using TikTok after her divorce from her husband. Shortly after its release, LGBT videos started appearing.

“Seeing people come out of the closet later in life helped them integrate better into society,” said the 39-year-old.

Social networks like TikTok use artificial intelligence and various algorithms that then determine what content the user will see. The more you click and watch, the better the algorithm becomes and thus displaying content tailored to you.

Based on these algorithms, you can actually see personalized ads. For example, you visit an online store that sells toilet paper. If you do not make a purchase, you will quickly see ads on other websites, including watching YouTube videos …

“A platform like TikTok essentially collects data about passive use apps, such as the time a user spends on a particular video, before continuing to the next video and thus adjusting the content that you think works for you,” said Gregory Serapio Garcia, PhD candidate in Psychology at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Simply put, if you watch a particular video for a long time, the algorithm collects all possible information about that video and starts showing you similar videos. However, if you scroll up, you won’t remember practically anything about this shot, just that it shows you the fewest number of shots possible.

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