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Playing computer games and streaming has become a very legitimate and attractive profession in recent years, especially among younger Internet users.

However, for other users, it can be a fun pastime, as you can make close friends or create a small base of followers who will faithfully follow your content. In this case, money is not the main guide, but gaming and live streaming is just another form of relaxation. Regardless of your goals, either way you’ll need to take care of the right computers first. If you want to play games and stream at the same time, you will need powerful hardware. You’ll need a decent graphics card (good luck with your search), an equally powerful processor, an SSD drive to run apps and the system quickly, enough system memory (at least 16GB), and of course, computer accessories, including a webcam and microphone.

Can you use a microphone already built into the headphones? Of course we can, but we only recommend it if that’s your only option. If you want to ensure the quality of your content or want your conversations with friends to be clear and unobstructed, the best long-term investment is a separate or dedicated microphone. You will find out why below.

Why do you need a desktop microphone for the best audio experience?

Microphones can be hidden anywhere. Most laptops already have a microphone built into the screen, and webcams also hide their own internal microphones, as they are found, as mentioned earlier, on headphones as well as in computer monitors. What do they have in common? In terms of quality, it cannot be compared to separate USB, XLR and 3.5mm microphones. It’s very easy to use, we can’t argue with it, but unfortunately it’s not enough to take audio to the next level.

USB microphones are the best and most popular choice for home broadcasting, podcasting, collaboration, and in-game chatting. These are followed by XLR and 3.5mm microphones. The latter is better than built-in mics, but still can’t compare to USB or XLR mics. Why don’t we recommend XLR microphones? It’s very flexible, but you’ll also have to dig deep into your pocket for that, and you’ll probably need an external interface. In addition to quality, the magic of USB microphones is also relevant. Simply plug it into a computer or phone, you don’t need to install any additional drivers or anything like that, and the computer automatically translates the signals into audio.

When choosing, pay attention to your needs, too. Don’t choose a microphone with features you’ll never need. Choose the right microphone for you.

What microphones do we recommend?

We have selected the top 5 microphones on links.si. The first thing that caught our eye was the HyperX SoloCast desktop microphone. It is designed for video editors, creators, and gamers who are looking for convenience, an easy user experience, and sound quality. It’s a Plug N Play microphone that can be connected to a computer via the USB port and you have instant access to all the functions, such as the mute sensor and the mute LED indicator. The versatile microphone has adjustable mounts and is compatible with most handpieces. You can put it on a desk or anywhere on the workstation. It is also the officially approved microphone for ChatSakak and Discord chat applications.

Due to its compactness, the Razer Seiren Mini microphone is included in the list of the best. It was created for minimal environments and for users who want to take advantage of every inch of their workbench. We also find some useful features. The superior sound-collecting cardioid pattern ensures that the microphone focuses only on your speech, reducing ambient sounds (key sound, wind…) to an extent that does not spoil the content. With a 14mm condenser capsule and uniform frequency response, Seiren Mini ensures more accurate and clear speech reproduction with crystal clear highs and lows. The stand has built-in anti-vibration protection, which mutes accidental hits from a microphone or table.

Redragon is a famous brand of computer peripherals. For the field of audio equipment, they made the Redragon Blazar microphone with a modern metal design. You can control the volume with a single button or mute the microphone completely. The superior Cardioid sound collection pattern prioritizes front and side sounds and reduces distracting background sounds. Compatible with all laptops and desktop computers. The basic equipment includes a stand with anti-vibration protection, a tripod and a foam windshield, which reduces annoying sounds.

The Audio-Technica ATR2500X is ideal for podcasting, dubbing and singing in the home studio or in the field. It works on the basis of a USB-C port and also a 3.5mm audio port, which means you can connect it to a computer, tablet or smartphone. A cardioid sound absorption pattern is also included to ensure that unnecessary ambient sounds are suppressed.

Elgato wave: 1

Elgato Wave Microphone: 1 No prior experience required to achieve professional audio. Even the greatest laypersons and users who are just beginning their creative path will easily discover the full potential of the microphone. The sleek microphone is ready to use right out of the box. You can connect it to a computer using the USB-C port, and a bracket is included to mount a microphone in any hand. The Elgato Wave: 1 was designed with the help of Lewitt, one of the most respected names in the professional audio field. The cooperation has paid off for them, as the microphone guarantees superior sound quality. Matching the premium microphone, it has a built-in noise reduction feature and a cardioid pattern for picking up sound.

For more great microphones, visit links.si.

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