How to win your first million and overcome the crisis?

Where to invest money in 2022? Cryptocurrencies, stocks, IDOs, IPOs. Savings and earning opportunities for ordinary people. An exclusive webinar for our readers.

The crown crisis has accelerated digitization and automation. Artificial intelligence is taking the lead in all areas, life and work are moving into the “metaverse”. But what does all this mean for ordinary people? It is the second year of the crisis and every time we see a glimmer of hope, new problems emerge. But there is something else going on in the background. It is growing slowly Another financial crisisthat will affect our lives and the fate of our children long after the current crisis is over.

How to overcome the crisis, protect your savings and take steps towards your first million euros – this is the topic of an exclusive webinar, in which we agreed to share free computer news readers. Register here.

Even food pricesAnd electricity, fuel, construction, basic raw materials, practically everything necessary for life is rising sharply: by +30, even +100 percent and more. Many companies have not been able to function normally for a long time. Large factories across Europe are now closed due to supply disruptions. Judgment on waiting staff or Loss services. It is getting more expensive day by day. Only EU politicians can give us platitudes.

People save for fear. 26 billion euros, the money of ordinary people in Slovenia, is in bank accounts. But even the state does not guarantee deposits. We save almost every four euros in bad times. But the bad news is that despite the savings, it will happen Most of these Euros have been saved Lost. And without being able to buy anything for them. We worked, paid high taxes and saved in vain. Billions of euros will disappear from ordinary people.

Official inflation in Slovenia is “only” 3%. In fact, it is much higher for ordinary people. Estimated at 10% or more! In five years I will be like this real inflation can be deleted for – 10 billion euros The purchasing power of ordinary people’s savings! Saving is simply not enough. The more you save, the more you lose.

And he warns that “families will be hit like our generations don’t remember.” Martin KoroshikNew book author The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People. Written on the examples and the current situation in Slovenia.

In times of bad news themselves, good news is welcome. Martin and I managed to agree on a valuable gift!

urgent Webinar entitled “The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People”. Urgent because most people lose a lot of money every day and they don’t even realize it.

The content is very practical and important for the financial fate of ordinary workers:

  • Why would they? Savers lose more?
  • how could you Protect your savings?
  • What they need in a crisis Do parents?
  • sad truth On the fate of the retired.
  • What it brings to the business future?
  • how Money creates money in crisis?
  • How will technology change our lives?
  • how Earn your first million With a normal income?

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Martin Koroshik summarizes the content of the webinar “The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People” in a powerful sentence: Save your savings and earn your first million.

Photo: where to invest money? The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People. Save your savings. And earn your first million. Martin Koroshik answered him.

We asked Martin first: Who should we rely on in a crisis? The state, the banks, the European Union? “ Martin replied, “Just us.” “For institutions, your savings and your family’s life are secondary. That is why the elite gets rich in crises, and most of them lose.”

“So what do we do?” “The crisis is ongoing and will last for a long time. The worst part is that you wait and do nothing about your savings and income. The most you can do is prepare for all scenarios,” answers Martin Kuroshik. “You have to build, consolidate, and secure your savings, income, and other assets. In the time of bills for this crisis, the state will devise many other ways to take more of its wealth from ordinary people. And we are already incredibly taxed, which I will show.”

Rich in content and immediately useful Urgent webinar “The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People” I made with ordinary people in mind – Employees, businessmen and parents. With examples for young and old in the current situation in Slovenia. With accounts at minimum and average revenue. For students, adults and retirees.”

Pensioners (futures) will be in a more precarious financial situation, as the current situation will look like the “good old days”.

Regarding examples from the current situation in Slovenia: How can you save your own money savings. As well as how to make the steps for your first million.

Webinar “The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People” for a fee and free for readers of this article. Register on time here.

* The content of the article is not the subject of financial advice. Mention of individual investment instruments, stocks, funds, precious metals and cryptocurrencies may be included solely for the purpose of describing the idea or educational purposes. Martin Korošec does not recommend individual financial instruments and is not a financial advisor, stockbroker or registered investment advisor. All readers are advised to consult with a licensed advisor before making investment decisions.

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