OnePlus soon with its own tablet?

There are many good Android tablets on the market today, but most of them also carry a reasonable price. OnePlus is expected to enter this field soon with its first tablet. The new product is expected to be put on the market in the first half of next year. According to online rumors, the novelty can compete with tablets from leading manufacturers.

Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information about the OnePlus Pad tablet yet. However, it will almost certainly run Android 12L. It features a modified graphic interface for notifications, quick and lock screen settings, and a web search interface. In addition, there is a new button for taking screenshots and other menus in a 3-to-2 format. In short, the new graphic interface is better suited to devices with large touch screens than its predecessor. These, of course, include tablets.

It is expected that more information about the OnePlus Pad tablet will be known soon. Many experts are convinced that this will be a very powerful device. As a result, this is not likely to be cheap.

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