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Did you know that according to SORS data, there are more than 700,000 single people in Slovenia? Do you know how many couples met online in 2021?

The number of singles is increasing from year to year. This time we will not go looking for the reasons why this happens, but we will look at the positive trend recorded by the largest online dating site ONA-ON.

Based on the data provided by Google Trends, ONA-ON is the most desired and used online dating site in Slovenia.

Source: (Google Trends),badoo,twoo,tinder

So what’s the year for online dating site ONA-ON? Quite positive, if we look at the numbers in more detail. In total, 205,000 bachelors were registered. According to SORS data, this is from almost all Slovenes registered as individuals (this also includes those who live “on corn”) *.

* dad. 1: Nearly 700,000 bachelors over the age of 15 (source: SORS), or 640,000 good bachelors over 18 when deducting minors aged 15-18 (births around 20,000 annually) cannot register.

What do the numbers say? How many sparks and how many new pairs?

Last year, 32,452 new users were registered on ONA-ON, posting over 159,000 photos and sending over 10.5 million messages. They viewed over 26 million profiles of each other, submitted over 1.7 million opportunity questions, and added 1.5 million times for sympathy. Up to 2.8 million times users were invited on a date. In total, they conducted 374,100 seconds (or 6,235 minutes) of audio and video conversations.

Launched 158,762 times – that’s how many matches have been confirmed in two directions. And most importantly – 4,022 people or 2,011 couples remain who do not need ONA-ON services because they have found love. 4022 people helped us love and happy partnership! We are proud of that.

The most desirable thing about ONA and ON is…

Who are the users who have received the most attention and are still active on ONA-ON, meaning they are still single and ready to meet a serious partner?

Most Popular User and still active She is a 34-year-old woman from Maribor, who sent and received most messages among the fairer sex. She tells herself that she loves to travel, dance and sing. She is looking for a serious relationship man who is bent who knows how to take care of herself and is tidy. On a guy, you are attracted to openness and humour.

Most Viewed Profile Among the representatives of the fairer sex was a photo of a 33-year-old woman from Ljubljana, which says that she is active and connected. Looking for an independent partner, who loves to travel, has a good sense of humor and is not jealous 😉

Most active and active user Among the male representatives was a 48-year-old man from Ljubljana, who received and sent the most letters from all the men. He describes himself as a loving nature and above all values ​​loyal, honest and volunteer people. He is looking for a girl for a serious relationship.

Most Viewed User The two girls were a 31-year-old male from the neighborhood of Ljubljana. He says that he is the master of himself, that he loves the sea and good food and drink. He likes to watch a movie, go on trips and picnics, and play sports. He wants to meet a serious girl with similar interests, who is kind-hearted and knows what he wants.

3-step advice for someone looking for a partner

Users who are actively involved in finding the right partner, which means they use ONA-ON every day, are the fastest to find a serious relationship. On average, this means within 3-6 months of registration. The three steps that separate you from a serious relationship are:

  1. Register on ONA-ON and fill out the entire profile
  2. Actively using the app (every day)
  3. Make an appointment as soon as possible

Also watch the video of ONA-ON – Highlights of 2021:

Good luck and God bless you!

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