Uber Eats also offers space delivery

Uber Eats, a popular food delivery service in the United States, now knows no boundaries, as the company recently delivered an order in space.

Have you already ordered food through the app in Slovenia? We have two popular providers, Wolt and Glovo (formerly eHrana). In the US, there is also Uber, a company that deals with so-called “taxi” transportation, which also offers a food delivery service under the name Uber Eats.

On Earth, we can order our favorite food at any time with delivery, while on the International Space Station this is much more difficult, where delivery is usually limited to kilometers by land and not 400 kilometers to space.

In a press release, they praised the first delivery to the International Space Station. They used the Russian ship Soyuz, on which Yusaku Maezawa, a space tourist, sailed at the same time as the order. But they did offer some ready-made Japanese canned food.

No new deliveries are currently planned, but SpaceX, under the auspices of Elon Musk (Tesla), is intensively preparing for space tourism. It is already possible to purchase a trip for one person to the edge of space for 55 million US dollars.

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