An unusual choice of processor for the laptop MateBook 14s …

A high-quality and beautifully made metal body, a good above-average 3:2 screen and an Intel i5 processor with an H mark make the notebook at a recommended price of 1299 euros quite versatile and therefore interesting to a wide range of users. From home users to professionals with moderate requirements.

The highest quality and most durable housing is a guarantee of durability and longevity. That and the fact that modern devices don’t get old fashioned in a year or two. We buy a laptop for a long time, so it is important how well it is made. That and proper aesthetics, because the days when we didn’t really care what it looked like are over. All of this is combined in the MateBook 14s, which lacks better graphics on the thumb so the shade is better.

The MateBook 14s isn’t an ultra-thin device, but at just under 2cm thick and weighing just under one and a half kilograms, it’s not far behind. The metal design of the case gives it the prestigious look that almost everyone wants, but at the same time it has a built-in flaw. Small set of different connectors. There are two USB Type-C ports with DisplayPort support, one of which is Type A, an HDMI port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Nothing special, enough power, but unfortunately the package does not contain a multi-connector or a wired Ethernet adapter. Some will also miss a memory card reader. Among the secondary components, there are four speakers in the case (two bass and mid-drive drivers each), which emit sound through the holes in the bottom of the case. Although this is a little higher than the surface due to the legs, it is not the best, especially since there is enough space to the left of the keyboard and on the hips. It is always better to spread the sound directly into the user’s ears. Volume and sound quality are decent for video conferencing, maybe a little lower for watching movies and listening to music as some of the depth runs out.

The laptop bag will be the right size for most people. It’s not very big, and perhaps most importantly, it’s very small, so there’s plenty of room for a transparent keyboard. Keys with a stroke of 1.5 mm are above average in size and the distance between them is also allowed, which, together with proper feedback after pressing, ensures comfortable work. Due to the focus on comfort, the numeric keypad, which some highly appreciate, ran out of space. Below the keyboard is a fairly large touchpad that offers everything you’d expect from it. It’s responsive enough, the surface just needs to be smoother to make the finger glide better. But this is not a problem that cannot be elegantly solved with a computer mouse. In the same basket we can put another component of the laptop, which disappointed us a bit in terms of Huawei’s reputation. The camera is again above the screen, which is where it’s right, but it’s only HD (720p). It is enough for a high-quality display of the user’s face during a video chat, but due to the lower resolution, there are less details. Full HD (FHD) would probably be better.

If you’re looking for something that particularly stands out with this laptop, your thoughts will quickly stop at the screen. Although it is still LCD technology, it is bright enough, provides accurate colors and wide viewing angles suitable when more people stare at the screen due to the nature of the work. A little less when you want privacy and don’t want to look at what you’re doing. According to recent guidelines, the bezels are also narrow, but even more than that, the 3:2 screen ratio is important for serious work. This screen provides more vertical space, so it is more convenient for browsing web pages, formatting text documents and editing personal photos. When you gain something in one place, you lose it in another, so it is correct to mention the shortcomings of this relationship. It is less suitable for jobs where width is more important than height, such as playing movies or editing videos. under the line. If you are going to use the MateBook 14s for business purposes, the screen ratio might be just right.

Laptops in this price range usually have U-rated processors running between 15 and 25 watts, while H-rated processors can go higher and are correspondingly more powerful. Although the 11th generation processor (11300H) is also powerful enough for better gaming and video tasks, such as video editing, the only hitch is the lack of an integrated graphics card. The question is whether they can handle the cooling, even though it works very well in the current hardware configuration. The fan only turns on when the load is high and even when the volume is not excessively loud. The MateBook 14s is a very versatile computer, so it wasn’t designed for that. However, in addition to the model with the i5 processor, it is also available as interesting with the i7, which unfortunately is not available (yet) in our market.

One of the main benefits of MateBook laptops is their connectivity with other Huawei devices, most notably smartphones and tablets. It is very easy to connect them and take advantage of the combined capabilities. After a quick connection, the phone screen maps to a laptop screen, where you can control it and even answer and make calls using speakers and microphones. Even more interesting is the usability of the MatePad connected tablet. Its screen takes over the duties of a graphics tablet, which is especially useful if it supports a stylus, or even spills onto another monitor. This one is never superfluous.

Finally, a few words should be devoted to the battery. A large 60Wh battery is charged using a 90W power supply and via the USB C port. This brings many benefits. It can be charged with other sufficiently powerful power sources and, as a last resort, connect an external battery. When we’re on the go, you easily have a device with you to charge all your devices. How long the battery lasts depends on how you use it. Less if the processor will be loaded and longer if we don’t tire the laptop. More than four hours should be easily achieved without undue effort, while six hours are expected when using office suites, watching movies and browsing the web.

The MateBook 14s is a very versatile laptop in every respect, and it doesn’t want to be overly limited to who it’s basically. He wants to please everyone and be a relatively affordable and appropriately powerful snore to suit the widest possible circle of potential users. To medium business demand to local. But it is issued by the operating system. Windows 10 Home Edition. eloquent enough? Since the laptop was introduced before Windows 11 was released, you will receive this with an upgrade.

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