Remove this app from your phone immediately…

Security experts warn us once again that the popular Android mobile app hides very dangerous malware that could cause great concern to users. The popular “Color Message” mobile application is already infected with a malicious code called Joker. This person managed to hide from the previous reviews of developers and unsuspecting users of Android mobile devices.

The main task of the Joker malware is to simulate clicks and intercept SMS for subscribing to unwanted paid services, which, of course, users do not know about. Joker works using as little program code as possible, which it hides with great success. The Joker malware actually leaves behind minimal traces that are often impossible to identify and detect.

It is therefore not surprising that the mobile application infected with the Joker malicious code once again managed to “land” on the official online Google Play Store. Although Google has already removed this app from the Google Play Store, it will continue to be downloaded to users’ devices that downloaded it. Therefore, whoever installed the “Color Message” program will delete it from your device immediately. As much as possible, we recommend resetting the phone, as this is the only way to remove the malicious mobile app for sure.

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