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When it comes to business phone, we can’t ignore NFON services. The novelty is entering the Slovenian market with great strides, but other than that it is a well-established player in the world, trusted by many companies.

Call centers are a complicated thing. The difference between a call center where everything runs smoothly and a call center where you don’t know “who’s drinking and who’s paying” can be huge.

If you like reliable and simple solutions with a range of options and communication channels, you will also love Ncontactcenter. Ncontactcenter is an extension of the NFON cloud call center called Cloudya. It’s available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

This solution is suitable for all types of businesses. It features free maintenance and system updates included in the package. Even after years of use, you can count on the latest version with all the benefits that Ncontactcenter has to offer. Just like we used to, we always have updated apps on our mobile, which stay in touch with the times and stay updated. Since Ncontactcenter service is paid for after consumption, there is also no need to pay for something we don’t need. And because it works in the cloud, the user does not have to deal with anything other than the benefits of use.

Ncontactcenter is complemented by a consistent user experience across all channels, so accessibility is never an issue. It is available anytime, anywhere and through any device.

Affiliate program with many benefits

Do you want to introduce Ncontactcenter to your clients and thus enrich your revenue? NFON has a special program for partners. The partnership provides additional revenue and attractive payment either from new customers or “increased sales” for existing customers. When you become a partner of NFON, you jointly define payment schemes, with different models, commissions and wholesale available.

In order to keep your customers satisfied and stay with you long after you start working together, you will need to give them your full support, and you can count on NFON support. In addition, they provide training to partners, where they receive extensive instruction. As mentioned earlier, NFON provides regular training, as well as professional technical certification and customized webinars with online certification.

Applications from partners are accepted at the web address

Easy integration with other business solutions

Ncontactcenter enables rapid integration with business CRM, PLM and ERP solutions. In addition, you can communicate in one app via Whatsapp, online chat, SMS, email… You will be able to sell more and in an easier way. Let’s take a look at what’s also allowed.

ACD Automated call distribution using multichannel calling and the standard REST API for CRP integration.

IVR Interactive voice response.

Call design and optimization – Easy design and optimization of call flow using drag and drop.

call preview It also supports customer data transmission. In addition, you have the ability to connect per click, flexible connection time, and feedback on the number of attempts and connection duration.

Sign Up Flexible recording and playback function to ensure higher quality of service.

Reports – Including flexible diaries, statistics, agent and group reports. Twenty and more standard reports are available.

Social media messenger – At Ncontactcenter you can divide different social media channels into events.

NFON solutions are all you need for successful business communication.

More information about NFON’s Ncontactcenter can be found on their website:

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