ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition – Be real…

ARK is one of the many survival games that prevailed among youngsters a few years ago, but it has proven itself due to its unique foundations. The island, where we find ourselves alone or with ninety-nine other players, is inhabited by all kinds of dinosaurs. From the ones that are suitable to eat right away, to the ones that should be avoided practically all the time so as not to spoil us.

We start modestly, of course, but with a diligent selection of raw materials and a wise choice of battles, we can become a veritable fantasy mansion with our own castle, riding a dinosaur into battle, with a giant machine gun on its back. Of course, stress proves to be the biggest enemy, since it is sometimes necessary to perform the same tasks for a very long time for raw materials, but nevertheless ARK is unique and very attractive to many people. Also because of a series of extensions that take us into interstellar space and are included in this definitive version.

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