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ᐷ Ben White Immediate Edge – Review

SPECIAL REPORT: Ben White’s Latest Investment Has The Government And Big Banks Terrified

Requires only £180 ($250) to get the system up and running with GUARANTEED results.

Humankind has become increasingly dependent on digital technologies. What is shocking is that technology, which without a doubt is the new gold, can be implemented and exploited by millionaires while kept secret from ordinary people. Admired by ordinary people, Ben White honestly explains how he earns his millions.

The wealthy social class has always set the tone and aspirations for all those underneath them. The individuals on the list of the “Richest in the World” would probably all give good advice to, for example, “work hard; work smart”. However, as it recently became known, not all money is earned through hard work – there are other ways to accumulate and grow wealth. The desire and ambition to be successfully rich includes trying to concentrate the wealth in one hand and eliminate the other candidates from the rich list.

The scandal started when a famous footballer, Ben White, shared how he earns his money with the public. The footballer explained in his latest interview at Good Morning Britain that he built his wealth on some unknown platform called Bitcoin Code. When Martin Lewis asked him more about it, the footballer made a statement that he wanted to share the truth with ordinary people on how the richest get richer.

The famous footballer pointed out that he understood how unfair it is that ordinary people work hard, while others may take advantage of their privilege. He hopes that he can influence the situation, and his story will help people to have a stable source of income and enjoy life without worrying about the future of their families and how to pay mortgages.

The episode with Ben White became viral as information that the footballer revealed resonated with society.

Ben White:

A year ago, my manager told me about a new investment opportunity. I had a lot of doubts, but then I heard about it from my colleague who was already investing in it. So, I decided to try this idea. It was to my surprise when I saw my results, they were astonishing. I never thought it was possible to earn so quickly.

The famous footballer told us that last year was extremely hard for him as well. Income dropped due to the pandemic, and he still has huge bills to pay for his real estates and salaries for his team. He felt responsible for the people working with him, and he knew that it should be a decent way to resolve this issue.

Ben White continued, “When I shared my results with my manager, he told me that I was lucky to get in the club. Firstly, I didn’t get to the point, but he explained to me that this technology was not meant to be shared with everyone, but only with people close to you”.

“I was so surprised as I saw on the platform information that it allows investing everyone starting from £180. My manager went on to explain that this technology is brand new and is a lucrative target for large investors who want to use it for their own benefit, and there is no point sharing where to find the golden egg with anyone.”, – Ben White.

We strongly recommend that you read the text without refreshing the page. Due to the circumstances, this text could be deleted at any moment!

Ben White:

The very wealthy people do have access to some resources that others don’t, but I want to break this system and encourage people to acquire smart habits that help them guard and build their fortunes. One of these habits can be investing with Bitcoin Code. I give my word that it’s totally worth trying! This platform can be used by anyone who wants to secure their own nest egg, and who among us doesn’t?

Martin Lewis brings his signature satire, asking Ben White to show how it works.

Without hesitation, Ben White pulled out his phone and showed viewers how much money he’s making through this new money-making program.

Martin Lewis was left silent in disbelief as a deposit of £180 generated £539 in profit within several minutes!

Money isn’t everything, but it brings some joy and happiness, Martin Lewis said.

Ben White continues to urge everyone to start making their money work for them:

Not everyone has a personal or family history of always having had money, but one of the things that you can do is jump onto lucrative opportunities before others do! Use this knowledge and make your money work for you with the least amount of effort possible. Bitcoin Code will be your passive income source, avoid hesitation and start investing today. Wealthy people take control of their money, why can’t you do it as well?

“Still Blows My Mind”, – Martin Lewis on what he just saw on the phone. The initial deposit increased three times as they were talking with Ben White!


More than five million people became millionaires across the world in 2020 despite economic damage from the Covid-19 pandemic.

While many poor people became poorer, the number of millionaires increased by 5.2 million to 56.1 million globally, Credit Suisse research found.

In 2020, more than 1% of adults worldwide were millionaires for the first time. Recovering markets and new investment opportunities helped boost their wealth.

People who invested just £100 back in 2010 now enjoy dividends of 10 Million!


As the show came to an end, social media exploded with comments. People became crazy about the platform.

If you want to know more about the platform, here is a link to the platform Ben White spoke about:


We couldn’t stay aside and decided to do our own research on the platform Ben White talked about. Our journalist, Jonathan Ross, registered on the platform and invested on behalf of our newspaper. Also, we invited an independent financial expert, Ryan Bell, to ask him more about this platform.

Journalist, Jonathan Ross:

Most of us have worked hard and saved carefully to accumulate the assets we have. On the contrary, many of the wealthiest people in the world achieved their status not through effort and long hours, but rather from inheritance and privilege. Ryan, what do you think about this situation?

Ryan Bell, the financial expert:

Amassing a fortune is one part of the equation — keeping and growing it is another. It appears that even today the rich society manipulates the poor.

Journalist, Jonathan Ross:

Well, it’s quite shocking, isn’t it?

Ryan Bell, the financial expert:

Due to my work experience, I can’t say I am shocked. It happens all the time. This case is very peculiar because it became viral, and people became aware of it… In some sense, Ben White became a Robin Hood of our time.

Journalist, Jonathan Ross:

So have you heard about this platform before?

Ryan Bell, the financial expert:

I didn’t know the name of this platform, but there were rumors in our financial circles about an innovative platform which generates massive income in a day’s time. So now I know which platform everyone is whispering about.

Journalist, Jonathan Ross:

But what is this platform about? How does it generate income? Please, can you explain in simple language what kind of investment it is?

Ryan Bell, the financial expert:

It invests in cryptocurrency but with an innovative technology. An automated algorithm makes bids on your behalf, so you buy and sell at the best time, making the profit.

Journalist, Jonathan Ross:

Why cryptocurrencies are so profitable?

Ryan Bell, the financial expert:

Do you mean, why is its Price Rising? The price changes as it reflects investor enthusiasm. Today, even old-school billionaires invest in cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. This kind of mainstream adoption is hugely important because cryptocurrencies aren’t backed by an asset, nor do they have the full faith and backing of the government. They’re valuable because people believe they’re valuable.

Note :

Our newspaper made a deposit but purposefully did not look at the account during the week, everything for the sake of our experiment. Now we want to discuss our results together with our financial expert, Ryan Bell. Let’s see what he thinks about the platform and our results.

Journalist, Jonathan Ross:

Ryan, last week our newspaper deposited £180 on the Bitcoin Code platform as we wanted to test the platform ourselves. We haven’t checked the balance during the week, as we wanted to check our results with you during our interview. Are you ready to check the results and comment on it?

Ryan Bell, the financial expert:

I am very curious, let’s do it now!

Jonathan Ross opens his laptop to check the results on the Bitcoin Code website. For a moment he was silent, and then:

I can’t believe my eyes… We have £2600 on our balance!

Ryan Bell, the financial expert:

Please, let me see your profile. Yes, I see that; however, some bids went down, but numerous deals were profitable. It’s what I expected from this platform.

Journalist, Jonathan Ross:

It’s totally unexpected for us! We didn’t expect to have these results as we haven’t checked our profile for a week, and it’s a zero-effort investment. What advice can you give to our readers?

Ryan Bell, the financial expert:

I have only one piece of advice, if you want to become rich, you should invest today. There is a reason why this platform was kept in secret by an elite. The only “catch” is that there is a strictly limit on the number of people who get access to our system. This is on a first-come, first-served basis. If too many people get in, it might spoil the profit party for everyone else. And if that happens, access will be permanently closed down. So don’t wait.

The big corporations are already doing everything within their power to ban access to registration.


Our guest, Ryan Bell, the financial expert, gave step-by-step advice on how to invest with Bitcoin Code :

1. Sign Up For A Free Account

It is crucial that you sign up immediately, as we do not know how many places will be available.

2. Deposit The Minimum £180 ($250)

You can fund your account via credit card or a bank transfer.

3. Use The Trading Platform To Earn Profits

Professional advisers will call you to verify your new account and share investing strategies and opportunities, and will answer any questions you have.

Journalist, Jonathan Ross:

Ryan, thank you for giving us an interview and answering our questions. Today we changed our mind about cryptocurrency investments, and hope our readers will find this information useful for their financial success.

Ryan Bell, the financial expert:

It was a pleasure, I hope we will receive more news from Bitcoin Code and will have an opportunity to discuss them next time.

Given the massive interest, the platform may close registration soon.

Last update

Due to a high server load and high demand, the service limits the number of registrations in order to maintain the fast speed at the Bitcoin Code website.


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