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Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), the world’s leading provider of wireless network solutions, has announced the availability of its 5G-based fixed radio broadband solution. cnWave’s 28GHz solution is based on 5G NR and is specifically designed for fixed radio broadband access. The solution provides high speeds, low latency and complements optical or mobile infrastructure that cannot meet required ROI goals in low and medium density environments.

“Telecom service providers can profitably expand into new markets with a 5G-based fixed wireless network, using Cambium Networks’ suite of solutions that deliver high performance, cost-effective infrastructure investments, and a faster return on investment, while raising the level of competitiveness in communications. “Fixed 5G fits perfectly as a complement to wired or mobile networks,” said Christian Fabina, Director of Sales and Business Development for Cambium Networks in Adria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and Qatar.

Cambium Networks fixed radio broadband solutions are divided into frequency bands for different distances to the end user from the base stations. Depending on cell size and technology used, solutions offer different capacities and up to several gigabits per base station.


The solution operates in mmWave bands from 24.25 to 29.50 GHz, including 3GPP 5G channels N257, N258 and N261. Cambium Networks 5G solution will take advantage of the technological advantages of the 3GPP 5G NR protocol and is optimized for radio applications with a stable network architecture. The solution is very easy to plan and implement, has a centralized management system, a high level of support, unique functionality and no need to integrate with the core of the mobile network.

The system is designed to operate in urban, suburban and rural areas. Using channels up to 112MHz in width, cnWave 28GHz can deliver bandwidth in excess of 3Gbps per base station. In addition, the system can support up to 240 users per sector with a range of up to 7 km.

cnWave’s 28GHz technology allows telecommunications service providers to expand their coverage with high-performance radio broadband in areas where the cost-effectiveness of mobile and optical technologies cannot be justified and where speed of service is a competitive advantage.

Cambium Networks overhauls its broadband radio architecture at 28GHz without the need for integration with the underlying mobile network.

Solution Features

The system uses the 5G protocol and innovations that improve performance for fixed radio applications. The solution is designed for fixed radio broadband access, the main features of the solution are:

  • 5G-NR Protocol and Frame Structure Optimized for fixed broadband wireless connectivity to increase bandwidth and reduce complexity, while still maintaining coexistence with existing products
  • MU-MIMO – Using industry-leading technology showcased on Cambium Networks’ cnMedusa Massive MU-MIMO platform, which provides up to eight simultaneous data streams to terminate devices in different frequency bands such as 3.5 GHz, 5 GHz and 28 GHz
  • beam formation – Proven technology to improve performance and isolate interference
MU-MIMO technology allows multiple user devices to connect to the base station at the same time. The cnWave Cambium 28 GHz solution has an 8×8 base station configuration that is capable of connecting to eight user devices and provides high performance.

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