Farming Simulator 22: Surprisingly high quality…

Like Microsoft Flight Simulator during flight simulation, Farming Simulator has gained by far the greatest recognition in its niche genre over the years. But while many of years past’s releases were somewhat clumsy and incomplete internally, this year’s release is actually pretty solid. Possibly something to do with this is the fact that this is the first part of a series that the manufacturers, Swiss Giants Software have stockpiled themselves, and that development took two years instead of one.

Graphically, this is the most impressive part of the series so far, and the indoor farmers have more to do, as they are also involved in forestry and animal husbandry as well as crops. Production chains are also more advanced, since rapid and uninterrupted delivery of raw materials must be ensured in order to make a profit on certain products. The hired employees, who now have a bigger role to play, can help with this. Surprisingly high quality upgrade!

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