Good news for all Samsung Galaxy phone owners…

Back in 2017, Samsung pleasantly surprised mobile users with its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ (Plus) smartphones. The phones are equipped with a 5.8-inch or 6.2-inch so-called infinity screen, which flows over the edges of the phone and forms a perfectly smooth and continuous surface, without bulges and bezels. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + (Plus) are still up to the task, as they are equipped with the powerful Exynos 8895 processor, four GB of working memory and 64 GB of internal memory.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ (Plus) smartphones are still up to the task and are still used by a large number of people. So it’s no surprise that Samsung has prepared another update for it. This is an update for G95xFXXUCDUK1, which already includes the November security fixes. Although users will not gain new options, their phones will receive security updates that provide them with online security.

The latest update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ (Plus) phones is expected to be available via OTA (over the air) upgrade system. The mobile device itself will inform us about the availability of the upgrade, and before the upgrade, of course, the battery will have to be charged at least 50 percent or the device will be connected to a charger. Of course, the query can also be done manually in the settings. The new product is expected to be available to all users around the world in the next few weeks.

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