Amiga 500 in mini game console edition

The Amiga 500 from the legendary Commodore was one of the most popular systems in the world before personal computers. As it is still popular among many, Retro Games Ltd. Recreate a mini version of the retro console. The sales-branded novelty “THEA500 Mini” was equipped with more powerful AGA graphics hardware, which was part of a much more powerful computer Amiga 1200.

The ‘THEA500 Mini’ will be available with up to 25 games pre-installed. Among them, we will find games like Alien Breed 3D, Another World, ATR: All Terrain Racing, Battle Chess, Cadaver, Kick Off 2, Worms: The Director’s Cut, Pinball Dreams, Simon Sorcerer, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, and The Chaos Engine in Zol. Others will be available soon, so we think old and young alike will be excited about the novelty.

The interesting “THEA500 Mini” controller is also available with a joystick, an HDMI interface and a USB-C charging interface. The built-in keyboard does not work, but users will be able to connect it themselves. The ‘THEA500 Mini’ game console will initially be available for purchase in the US for €119 recalculated. Shortly thereafter, it will also be available to us for around 129 euros. Fans of vintage PC games will be available in early 2022, on March 25th.

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