Could an electric scooter be cheaper?

Can you imagine getting an electric scooter with all the extras and features, and decent speed and range for less than $100? number? We thought so, too, until we found a sneak peek of the E9 electric scooter online. It’s such a great show that we’ve been wondering a bit if it should ever be revealed, as stock would quickly run out, and everyone in the office was considering a potential purchase. Since it’s just a holiday, we took pity on you. So who is this provider of this great promotion and to what extent have they lowered the price? By now, our readers are certainly well acquainted with the retailer TomTop, which regularly prepares such campaigns. This time it is the turn of the E9 electric scooter, which has been reduced to 99.99 euros. If you are in a hurry, you can get it through this link.

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