Did this OLED TV live up to high expectations?

More and more TV providers are advertising cinematic picture and sound quality for certain TVs. Is there any truth in this or is it just a marketing move to promote sales?

In most cases, it is almost impossible to guarantee the same sound and picture quality as the cinema in our living rooms. why? Because this is affected not only by the performance of the TV, but also by other variables such as room design, layout, number of pieces of furniture, insulation and the like. TV technology has already advanced to the point where we can come close to a cinematic experience, but only in a perfectly designed space. However, you can also conjure up a great video and audio experience in an ordinary living room.

If you’re determined to want the best picture and sound possible, focus on OLED TVs. OLED TVs feature perfect blacks, great viewing angles, infinite contrast ratios, better picture quality and lower power consumption compared to LCD TVs. Of course, the price is a little higher, but even here, due to the increased supply and rapid development, the difference is decreasing.

Which OLED TV do we recommend?

We weren’t looking for the largest TV on the market, as the largest TV with a diagonal of over 300 inches would occupy an entire house. We were not looking for outward greatness, but for inner greatness. We found it on enaA.com on the Philips 65OLED806 TV.

As the poster itself reveals, it is a 65-inch (165 cm) TV with an OLED display panel that supports UHD 4K resolution up to 3840 x 2160 pixels. If space is somewhat limited, you can also choose between two smaller screens: 48 and 55 inches. Don’t worry OLED technology doesn’t lose its quality in smaller sizes.

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