Player banned from playing Forza for up to 8000 years

The player was banned from playing up to 10,000 in Forza due to the “interesting” car redesign.

Can you imagine playing a computer game and being banned from playing for the next 8000 years (up to 10,000 years) due to a car remodel?

This happened to the player of the famous Forza game, because he equipped the car with the controversial logo of Kentucky (a famous food chain with chicken) and replaced the image of the founder with the image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Added “#SendNudes” to the car, a redesigned New Balance logo in Nuke Balance and Pirelli. However, it has kept the original logo of sneaker maker Nike.

He shared a post on the forum where he wrote that he had been informed that he had been banned from playing the game until the new year – until 9999. Other players immediately defended him, some even copying his design and blaming the game makers. “Extremely sensitive.”

Turn 10 Studios, which is also behind the game, declined to comment on their decision.

The game is also available in Slovenia for Xbox, and you will have to pay €79.99 for it.

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