They are fighting fake COVID testimonials online

In the UK, they are seeing an increase in the sale of fake COVID certificates online – they are available to just about anyone.

Until recently, COVID testimonials were only available on the dark side of the web. It’s now available almost everywhere, including on social media.

Facebook has already responded and warned that they will “delete everything we find”.

“We found certificates, certificates, cards, vaccination brochures…even choosing which vaccine to make the certificate.” said Jonathan Benton of Smart Refuge. This is actually a real certificate or QR code, only with the variable data.

A study by the aforementioned company found via a publication that provided a certificate of vaccination in up to 22 different languages ​​across Europe.

Although Facebook is fighting hard against these posts and trying to remove them in less than 24 hours, Telegram, a private messaging app, is also registering up to 180,000 new users in the group where these certificates can be purchased.

However, it did happen that the unprepared were able to create real and not fake or altered COVID certificates, as evidenced by the publication of the PCT certificate of Adolf Hitler, born in 1900.
The issuance system is based on public and private keys, where everyone can see the public key, and only the competent organizations have the private key. However, the Italian private key has recently found its way onto the World Wide Web.

Then the private key was quickly replaced, leaving everyone, including Adolf Hitler, without a PCT.

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