A disgruntled owner blew up his Tesla S.

Imagine that in 2013 you were one of the first to believe in electric propulsion and turned your optimism into buying a Tesla S. However, in the beginning, everything worked out. The Tesla S e-car impressed you, the ride was comfortable, fun and above all quiet. Then the first hardware and electronics problems appeared. Tesla, like any other manufacturer, promised quick repairs and an apology for the inconvenience.

However, electric Tesla cars still had many problems, which were also felt by the Finnish owner Tesla S. After many problems, he had to take his electric limousine to the official Tesla service, where the problems aggravated. The Finn, Thomas Katainen, was stunned by the whole process because he had to wait a long month for an answer. For all that waiting, he was rewarded with a purported solution. He has no choice but to replace the entire battery. the price? About 20 thousand euros. Since the car is already out of warranty, you will of course have to cover the entire cost yourself. This was out of the question, so Thomas opted for a different, slightly more explosive solution.

He called a blasting team and offered them his fancy game. Thomas puts his Tesla into 30 kilograms of dynamite and takes it to a safe and picturesque place. Before the explosion, a doll with the face of Elon Musk was placed in the driver’s seat. Another shot of Tesla and its founder. You can see the full blast in the clip below.

More and more users are complaining about the production quality of electric Tesla cars. Their software, including Autopilot, is also under attack. In September, the JD Power Initial Quality Study (IQS) showed that Tesla was well below average in terms of quality. A comparison was also made between the 2021 and 2022 Tesla S models. The difference in build quality was significant (the newer car had lower quality).

Dissatisfaction is likely to persist, mainly due to high repair costs and a closed ecosystem that does not allow for third-party repair options. Owners are forced to entrust their cars exclusively to Tesla services. Until Tesla solves this problem, we can expect another similar explosive action.

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