With the Internet of Things, you can work much better and better

IoT (Internet of Things) can make a significant contribution to a company’s success. It can accelerate digital transformation and improve business outcomes. But how do you start?

The vast majority of IoT companies are stuck in beta mode. Huge amounts of data remain disconnected in business applications, and actually seeing it is very difficult, if not nearly impossible. This is something every company wants to avoid in a big way.

“We believe that the Internet of Things has the potential to transform all types of industries. Businesses need only the right tools to leverage them to grow and innovate,” said Allen Waugerman, Lexmark President and CEO. At Lexmark they have developed an IoT solution and rigorously tested it in their own company. Therefore, they are convinced that other companies will also achieve measurable benefits through their solutions.Called Optra IoT, it can benefit many companies and their customers.

Are you ready for rapid digital transformation and improved business outcomes? Lexmark Optra IoT solutions take advantage of cloud computing, the Internet of Things, connectivity technologies and the expertise that Lexmark has gained over the years.

The start of transformation is not just a dream

The first solution already available is the Lexmark Optra IoT platform. A pre-built IoT solution helps customers quickly initiate a business transformation, creating better products and more advanced services at a lower cost.

Connect data and speed up results

Lexmark has built the industry-leading Internet of Things platform for managing managed print services. The platform successfully uses performance and sensor data from devices manufactured and operated by Lexmark, and combines it with data from business platforms to gain insight into printing. The company can enhance internal and external value to customers through results, including predictive maintenance services, asset optimization, system innovation, and service engagement. Lexmark remotely resolves 70% of cases requiring customer support and has significantly increased device profitability by optimizing device usage and maintenance.

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