You already know why Chrome OS has doubled in the past year…

Last year’s sudden coronavirus pandemic, which erupted overnight, forced organizations, businesses, the school system and even individuals to respond quickly. The Chromebook and desktop market has gained quite a bit since the crisis. Research shows that sales of cheap Chromebooks doubled last year compared to 2019.

As the demand for Chromebooks continues to grow in the future, Google has set itself the task of updating its system even more. From now on, he will receive monthly updates. This actually means that users will receive new features every four weeks, which will definitely make Chrome OS more interesting.

As mentioned earlier, the number of Chrome OS users nearly doubled in the last year (92 percent). According to him, the Android mobile operating system contributed greatly to this. Users are simply happy to be able to download the mobile apps they use on their mobile devices onto a much larger Chromebook screen.

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