BeeIN, the first Slovenian operator of digitization …

In the first weeks of December, BeeIN, the first Slovenian operator to digitize industries, switched on the first base radio station for its mobile network. For an operator highly specialized in industrial sectors, especially electricity, this is an important milestone in its mission to help build smart and green communities of the future.

“With BeeIN, we have embarked on a clear path to provide private network solutions to strategic industrial sectors in Slovenia. This achievement shows that we are on the right track, and in-depth discussions with clients consistently demonstrate our unique value proposition,” Sales Manager at BeeIN . said Christian Melink.

Slovenia is a highly developed country that relies on a solid basic technical infrastructure and good cooperation between organized and economic entities. This will be enhanced by a dedicated mid-size operator, which should provide the missing connections to the toughest digitization challenges in operating this infrastructure.

Josep DolgeThe Director of Technology at BeeIN added: “The requirements for the high security and robustness of the network to ensure critical communications between devices within the national technical infrastructure are clear and rigorous. About a year ago, BeeIN decided to create the conditions to meet them with BeeIN. Now, before the end of 2021, we have reached a tangible milestone by creating our own radio network. As the location for the first coverage area, we chose Kranj, where our company is also based.”

The radio network operates on the frequencies 733-736 MHz / 788-791 MHz. These 2×3MHz spectrum frequencies were allocated by AKOS last year for critical commercial services, and are the only ones for this purpose.

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