Maps with spatial information always at your fingertips

Spatial information is important for professionals as well as for municipal administration and citizens. Do you want to check the details of your plot of land or the plot of land you are buying? The solution is in the palm of your hand.

Updating data is more important today than ever. We want all data to be on hand at all times, but it should always be kept up to date or up to date.

We can list a large number of cases where updated data is important, including spatial information for state, regions, and municipalities. iObčina and iKomunala are platforms that ensure as much up-to-date data as possible, as the data authors manage, of course. For datasets from SORS, for example, this is once a week.

Slavko Gercher of Kaliopa doo company admits that the small iv names iObčina and iKomunala come from the word Internet and were created even before we knew about Apple’s iPhones, iPads and a host of other devices from the American giant. At the same time, he stresses that programming, as computer science students often imagine, is not just about creating games and the like, it’s also what they do at Kaliopa – they’re a high-tech company that develops equipment and geographic information systems (Geographic) services. Information Systems). They collect data and create accurate maps… In two decades we’ve grown from a small company to a serious player, so it’s a great example of how to do well and in the long run. They are also the first to upload an accurate map online.

He tells us that business opportunities with them are almost always open. Especially for programmers who are given a lot of useful information in addition to computer skills. For computer enthusiasts, there is something more about the technologies in Kaliopa: they deal with posgres databases, mssql with in-depth use of T-SQL; desktop, web and mobile development environments; Development tools c# .net, javascript, android and more. They flirt with artificial intelligence, but they also work with drones (remote sensing, artificial vision ().

Spatial Data Management with Connecting Web Platforms iMunicipal and iCommunal attempt to fine-tune the last detail.

What are iMunicipal and iCommunal?

The platforms are the sum of spatial information of state, regional and local data. They intertwine with non-spatial data records, and present them to a wide range of users in the form of smart and interactive maps and statistics.

In the municipality we can search for, view and analyze items, but it also allows measuring distances and spaces with all kinds and types of information in space, which can be displayed on maps. Contains regularly updated national public data for all municipalities in Slovenia. It also includes spatial information that can be accessed under various permissions. Services are available to municipal administrations, the professional public, as well as to citizens. Do you want to find a plot of land and look at the condition of the surrounding land? Do you want to know the value of the property determined by SORS? You can check the slope of the plot, the risk of flooding, measure the area or see where the water supply, sewage, or other infrastructure passes through your home. 1001 useful feature, iMunicipal for everyone!

Meanwhile, iKomunala includes the spatial information of municipalities, municipalities and state, which can only be accessed using the username and password of authorized persons employed by the utility company. It is an internal system not open to the public and intended only for municipal infrastructure managers.

Connect to other IT systems

Platforms also provide links for receiving data or transmitting it to other information environments, be it accounting, document systems, ERP and the like. The solutions also act as an “expert foundation” for AutoCAD with all available data.

Not all information is public. Fortunately, the vast majority are aimed at providing interested users with a comprehensive view of the exact location of the space in which they live and work. With specific knowledge in Kaliopa company, they make sure that the data is properly and securely presented to the target audience.

In addition to a wide range of products, Kaliopi can adapt the technology to your needs. They also offer to rent Kaliopa GIS infrastructure to use your servers, software, and professionals, or rent software they install and help maintain on your servers.

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