Missed calls are potential missed business…

Optimal use of company employees and resources has been a problem that has plagued many companies for many years. Phone calls are no exception.

On the one hand, employees incur the costs of the company through unnecessary and irrelevant calls, and on the other hand, they are often unavailable to customers. However, it is much more than that, it costs the company lost opportunities because employees are unavailable or fail to call important clients. Every phone call is potentially a missed business opportunity.

»Pravilna, predvsem pa učinkovita ureditev telefonije je za podjetje ključnega pomena.«

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

New technologies make it possible to monitor and analyze phone calls. The results of introducing these solutions in various organizations show that the introduction of control in itself reduces the cost of unnecessary phone calls. More importantly, the company has insight into where calls are lost, who has the most missed calls, missed calls, when a customer needs to call back, and the like.

New tools also allow you to record calls, allowing you to review those conversations in order to study, resolve complaints, or monitor performance. Missed call notifications such as email and the ability to call back directly from the app or email make it easier to control missed calls and increase employee efficiency.

»V večjih organizacijah sta spremljanje in analiza telefonskih klicev nujna, saj je le tako mogoče zajeziti nepotrebne stroške in poiskati rezerve.«

Monitor and analyze phone movement

TRONCallView is an advanced mobile traffic monitoring and analysis solution for medium and large businesses. It collects, processes and manages all call information, whether incoming or outgoing. It provides an overview of data by various parameters (call status, call length, call direction, feature numbers, etc.), relevant analytics and reports, and contains information about incoming and outgoing calls. Since it is a web application, its use is easy, and users do not need special knowledge of use.

The extended version of TRONCallView is suitable for use primarily in call centers, as it provides a visual overview of agent occupancy, call statistics, phone line activity …

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