Samsung can remotely ‘turn off’ a stolen TV

If you take a Samsung TV in the store and do not pay for it, then it can only serve you as an additional piece of furniture.

It all started when Samsung TVs were stolen on July 11 this year in South Africa. The unprepared soon encountered a cold shower, as the company soon released a press release stating that all TVs had the option to activate the remote start lock.

This technology is called “TV Block” and is preloaded on all Samsung TVs. So if someone steals a TV and tries to use it at home, the merchant forwards the device’s serial number to the company’s headquarters, which then activates the lock. All that remains is for the thief to connect the TV to the Internet.

The moment the TV connects to the World Wide Web, it first connects to the Samsung server, which first checks to see if the TV serial number is blacklisted; And if so, it is practically “self-destruction”.

The technology is not surprising and it is certainly effective, the only concern is if for example it is for server snooping. It may happen that hackers simply enter all possible serial numbers and thus “destroy” all TVs around the world, of course those connected to the Internet.

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