Telekom Slovenije allocates 30 thousand euros to organizations, …

At the end of the year, Telekom Slovenije donated a total of 30,000 euros to five organizations that help elderly people living alone, children and adolescents in need of rehabilitation, long-term illness or those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Thus, Telekom Slovenije donated €10,000 to the Botrstvo project against Slovenia and took care of 14 children over the next two years. €5,000 has been donated to the Kamnik Education, Rehabilitation and Training Center, the Elvira Vatovic Training Center from Strunjan, the Golden Network Institute and the Humanitarček Association, which helps elderly people in social need.

Telekom Slovenije demonstrates its social responsibility through sponsorship and donation activities throughout the year, and at the end of the year also helps those who are most in need. »As the leading Slovenian operator, we return responsibly to the company in which we operate. Social responsibility is an important part of our business, which also emphasizes the heart and diligence of our employees when it is necessary to meet and assist those who find themselves in need on various occasions,” pointed out Cvetko Sršen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Telekom Slovenije.

The project The Godfather in Slovenia It was established under the auspices of the Friends of Youth Association Ljubljana Most Polje in 2010. It is intended for children and adolescents from all over Slovenia who need extra support and help within their families to improve their quality of life. “The epidemic has brought many additional hardships. With the donation, Telekom Slovenije will become the godfather to fourteen children who would not have had the opportunity otherwise. These children will be provided for two years, either in exchange for paid school commitments or for extracurricular activities, health development and equal opportunity,” Noted when delivering the donation Anita Ogulin, President of ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje. The donation was delivered to Anita Ogulin on behalf of Telekom Slovenije by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cvetko Sršen.

Kamnik Education, Rehabilitation and Training Center (CIRIUS Kamnik) has been working in the field of rehabilitation and training of people with reduced mobility since 1947. With their help, young people whose health conditions do not allow classical education can be educated and trained for independent living and some for work. »We are glad that Telekom Slovenije, which also proves in this way that it is A socially responsible and socially oriented company, helping children and adolescents with special needs. During the COVID-19 pandemic and related measures, it has been particularly challenging and demanding. The donation will be used to implement educational, counseling, treatment, rehabilitation and health services. He said Goran Pavelic, Director of CIRIUS Kamnik.

Elvira Vatovec Training Center from Strunjan Eighty children and adolescents with special needs attend. More than half of them suffer from chronic diseases and will depend on their parents and community for life. The center wants to provide everyone with the right opportunities to learn, work and play in order to develop to their fullest potential. “Our students, who love sports very much, will be delighted with the completely renovated outdoor activities sports areas. With a donation from Telekom Slovenije, we will return to the rooftop and return the concrete to the basketball court, and we will also arrange a new entrance and lighting of the playing surfaces. Outdoor exercises are very important for the psychophysical development of each child, at the same time students learn the rules of behavior and teamwork while participating in sports,” Confirms Corrado Lichnik, Director of the Elvira Vatovic Training Center.

At the Golden Network Institute within the PROSTOFER project They provide free transportation for the elderly in 74 municipalities throughout Slovenia. “In the last year alone, 25 new municipalities have joined us, showing that seniors really need free transportation after urgent tasks – to the doctor, pharmacy, post office, bank and the like. Many seniors live alone or in remote places, so the This kind of help is extremely important to them. The donation will be used to train the volunteers who are at the heart of our project, and we will continue to strive to provide free transportation for the elderly throughout Slovenia,” He says Miha Bogatag, Director of the Golden Network Institute.

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