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When it comes to business, we use it to do things faster and more efficiently, and it’s perfect for fun, entertainment, and of course communication. In the applications that we download to the phone, we can get a lot of information in an easy-to-use way (news, payments, tourist information, other customized applications …) What happened in this area this year and what can we expect in 2022?

Let’s start with the network. 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G. It makes perfect sense that network technology will advance to 6G in the coming years. Similar to 5G, 6G is expected to improve internet speeds and network access. Is 6G technology already in development? 6G is in a very early stage of research. Some companies and countries have already started investing in the development of this technology, hoping to gain a competitive advantage in the next transition. However, the development of 6G technology is still not the main point of the companies. At the moment it is all about 5G technology, which is not yet available everywhere or its potential is far from being exploited.

The biggest enthusiasm in the smartphone market lately is due to charging technology. Cables are still a big problem for us. If you want to turn the bed or change the sitting position, the length of the charging cable prevents you from doing so. Wireless charging is not yet a widespread alternative, mainly due to the lower speeds. It is also not a more convenient option, since the device still needs to be placed on the charger.

Users are waiting for technology that allows contactless charging. Charging will be via air, magnetic waves, or something similar. When you enter the home or office, the phone will automatically connect to the air charger.

What to do if your phone is lost or stolen

Without a phone, we feel lost, confused, and weak. Is there any hope of re-encountering a lost or stolen phone?

Have you ever had that feeling of drowning while walking when you didn’t feel the phone in your pocket? In a panic, you start digging through all the hidden pockets in your pants, jacket, and bag. If you are lucky, then at that moment you will remember that you forgot about her in the car or at home. However, what every user fears can happen. You lost your phone or someone stole it from you. The data and the devices themselves are valuable to unprepared owners. The phone is a storehouse of great sentimental values.

The moment you find yourself disconnected from your device, your thoughts will start racing. where is he? Will I get it back? Will a searcher or thief be able to access the content on the phone, including photos, videos, and messages? In the event of theft, the chances of the phone being reunited are very small, as the unprepared are ready for any of your search attempts. In the event of a loss, the success of the discovery increases slightly, but only if you have prepared for a possible scenario in advance.

What preventative measures do we recommend?

You can find more in the latest issue of Computer News, already available in your favorite newspapers and magazines.

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