With makeup and camera effects to get the perfect look

Do you envy the appearance of friends and artists on social networking sites? How does she look perfect in photos and the story is completely different to you? You may start to think that you are not attractive enough. Not at all, because it’s not true.

Whether you are photographing yourself or being photographed by someone else, there are ways to help you make your photo look perfect. If you stick with them, of course. So, learn the tricks of photography with your Huawei Mate 40 Pro smartphone along with the advice of a beautician.

Create perfect conditions

Are you wondering if photographing yourself with the front camera is not easy? It is basically. Point the camera at your face, wait for the right moment, and press the shutter button. The result is the same. It depends on two important factors.

  1. light

Make sure the light source (window, sun alone or light) is in front of you. This light illuminates your face. This is because images with a light source behind you are not pretty and clear and contain a lot of contrast.

  1. suitable background

A cluttered room, a pile of dirty dishes, or a pile of trash are not very attractive wallpapers. Not only will anyone who looks at the photo see you, they also see what’s behind you. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you look if the background is not suitable. An improper background can completely ruin the image. So find a suitable photo that will give the photo some extra charm. In addition, the background is important when using beauty effects, as the camera on a cleaner background facilitates facial recognition and beautification.

I followed both texts. Now take care of the makeup. why?

Given the ability of software algorithms to enhance photos, are you wondering what they would look like if the camera took care of everything? it’s the truth. Cameras are capable of many things, but they work best if you help them. The better you put makeup on before taking pictures, the less the AI ​​algorithms will work and the better the results will be.

What should you remember when applying makeup?

  1. The most important thing is the rule

Before applying makeup, it is important to make sure that the foundation is applied correctly. The operation is more important for people over the age of 21, because their skin does not produce enough hyaluronic acid. The base will provide a better appearance, as:

  • Extends the durability of makeup and
  • It adds luminosity to the complexion, emphasizing or smoothing (using lighteners we focus more light on the face, so the skin becomes more radiant and youthful, while smoothing takes care of the alignment of the skin structure).

When choosing a suitable foundation, consider its main function and the result that you want to achieve. Perhaps due to its durability, a universal foundation is best suited, since all other effects can already be achieved with the help of additional makeup steps.

  1. Select the base color

The following tips are a little more complicated, but they are absolutely necessary and form the basis of the work of every make-up artist. Try to create a natural and shiny look. You will achieve this if you know how to choose the right tone.

When choosing a tone, try to match the base color of the face with the color of the neck in order to avoid problems with a strange line that “cuts” the lower jaw from the face. Skin tone must be consistent, since only in this case will the camera’s algorithms be able to correct facial imperfections caused by minor errors during makeup or poor lighting.

  1. Don’t forget the eyes

The eyes are the frame of the face, so you need to pay enough attention to them. If you want to look glamorous in an image, name it subtly and be careful not to overdo it with dyes. A line with a black pencil in the upper lash line that you can gently mix with the shadow or simply rub in, the mascara will do the trick and bring the light into the eyes of the person in the photo.

The skin around the eyes should be aligned with the base and matched to the color of the face, as this will allow the AI ​​algorithms to retouch naturally. They will find it easier to find the important points and beautify their eyes if they are marked with an eraser and mascara. There are many things they can do: add color, thicken eyelashes, and even change eye color. However, you need to help them make up.

After makeup, it’s time to take pictures

The front camera of the Ultra Vision smartphone Huawei Mate 40 Pro pushes the boundaries of what is possible with support for 4K resolution and three fields of view, ranging from telephoto to ultra-wide. Slow motion mode improves its versatility by allowing you to add dramatic effects to your selfies as well.

The camera meticulously preserves details such as skin texture, hair strands, and eyelashes, creating vivid images that emphasize your true beauty. The wide-angle viewfinder now provides a much wider field of view, richer details in photos, improved low-light performance and built-in distortion-correction algorithms for adequate face rendering.

Huawei’s vast hardware ecosystem

In addition to the Mate 40 Pro, Huawei recently introduced the Huawei P smart 2021 smartphone, Huawei FreeBuds Pro and Huawei FreeLace Pro wireless headphones, Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro and Huawei Watch Fit smartwatches. Both headphones and watches are fully compatible with Android and iOS. Rounding out Huawei’s entire ecosystem of solutions is its MateBook series of laptops, which includes the affordable MateBook D14 and MateBook D15 models, as well as the extremely powerful MateBook 13, MateBook X and MateBook X Pro.

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