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The growing demand for connectivity encourages companies to modernize their telecommunications structure. Trusted communication is the lifeblood of a company’s productivity and success.

Telecommunication is no longer limited to telephone and fax services. Today, this industry covers the Internet, messaging, live broadcasting, mobile payments, and the like. New technologies such as 5G, VoWiFi, VoLTE and VoIP are only spurring growth and development. For the smooth flow of modern life, communications company SoftNET has established more than 300 intercoms at the VIX, DE-CIX, SIX and CIX Internet intersections. Thus, in 25 years of operation, they managed to create the most advanced IP network, covering 25 countries on four continents. At the same time, through partnerships, they provide coverage even in the absence of one.

How do you ensure that communication is not interrupted during the epidemic and remote work?

The second year of the pandemic, which has swept the world and brought about a number of shifts and changes, including mixed offices and remote work, is approaching. The latter was the biggest obstacle to uninterrupted business communication. Suddenly, a lot of the workforce has moved into home offices, where, of course, the same business communications equipment isn’t available. How did SoftNET make sure its customers didn’t experience long outages?

They are starting to digitize business processes, ensuring that remote work is quickly becoming the equivalent of office work. Communication solutions have been implemented at all levels of the business. For this purpose, in addition to traditional PBX solutions, they began to implement more modern solutions, such as VoIP, VoWiFi, VoLTE and SIP trunking. Why didn’t they completely replace the old PBX systems?

In fact, the younger generations are with open arms and also quickly mastering new technologies. Older users are hesitant about new technologies and are sticking with PBX systems. However, they have upgraded these systems with an on-site IP PBX solution, which supports all traditional telephony functions, while greatly reducing telephony costs, especially in companies operating in many countries. In this case, the internal call is free, and international calls are 50% cheaper.

VoLTE and VoWiFi also reduce call costs for business users. VoWiFi also offers cheaper calls in countries outside of Eurotariff. Incoming calls are free, while outgoing calls to Slovenian phone numbers are charged according to the local tariff. VoLTE is concerned with the digitization of voice services from 2G and 3G networks to LTE and 4G. The main advantage of VoLTE is that it provides voice services where there is an LTE signal. At the same time, it offers high fidelity sound, lower battery consumption and faster call setup.

With the introduction of remote work as a mandatory form of work, the use of collaboration platforms has also expanded. SoftNET experts ensure a smooth transition to the chosen platform, such as Microsoft Teams, and at the same time you can choose to integrate additional communications solutions.

‘Infinite’ data for business and mobile end users

Some operators have been advertising endless mobile data packages for some time, but they are really not limitless. In fact, there are no endless packages or have limitations built in, such as speed reduction after certain data consumption. However, there are mobile packages that offer an incredible amount of data that even the most “powerful user” cannot consume. These packages can be found in SoftNET, which recently updated mobile packages with more data, calls, and SMS/MMS messages. Users consume more data each year, as almost every service requires an increasing amount of data. With the general introduction of VoIP, VoLTE and VoWiFi services, the demand for data has increased even more.

Several different packages are available, from 5 GB of data for basic users to 500 GB for the largest consumers.

SoftNET mobile telephony is primarily for business users, but actual users can also go into a SoftNET subscription through cable operator partners Network, Teles, Sanmix, Kabelnet Logatec, NHM Sevnica, Elstik, KTV Radenci, and KATV Livade. In preparation for the future, they have enabled an eSIM for all users, which replaces the classic SIM. With an eSIM, the user is no longer limited to just one operator, and switching between mobile devices has become simplified.

More about SoftNET and its services on the website (Public relations)

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