Media Players – The New Generation 4K UHD

Despite smart TVs, media players are becoming more and more popular as they have new features and have become better and more useful over the years of “evolution”.

We have known media players since 2009, when they were first introduced to Slovenia. At that time, was the first company that recognized its usability and started importing it. Years have passed and today we can highlight two great brands that will satisfy every user.

Zapeteti players

One of the most famous European brands is Zappiti. The quality is first class and the software is optimized to the max. The Zappiti team successfully hacks software “evolution” and decodes hardware to achieve maximum efficiency. At the end of this year, we can focus on 3 models of the new series with the latest Realtek RTD1619DR processor. The design has remained similar to the previous Zappiti PRO 4K HDR model, except that the new series allows playback of the latest 4K UHD, HDR + and Dolby Vision formats. It plays almost all modern video formats, allows BD/UHD playlists, 10-bit HEVC video codecs, VP-9, and 3D video standard with 3D subtitles. It also supports high quality audio files such as DSD, FLAC, ALAC, and MQA. The players feature a gorgeous metal chassis, dual HDMI out, 4K 60p, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for the best home theater experience, and Roon Ready.

The base model of the new series is the NEO model, which, in addition to the above functions, also has one built-in hard disk RACK module. This template is for the user who wants a superior image.

The next model is the REFERENCE model, which has an additional RACK module (dual hard drive) with a capacity of up to 40 TB. This model uses a premium DAC ESS ES9038Q2M, XLR balanced audio outputs, a toroidal transducer, a front-panel OLED display and an XMOS XU208 audio processor. Zappiti references are for video lovers and audio enthusiasts.

The third and largest model is SIGNATURE, which also has a double RACK module (dual hard drive) with a capacity of up to 40 TB. This model uses a premium DAC ESS ES9038 PRO, XLR balanced audio outputs, a dual R-Core converter, front OLED display and XMOS XU216 audio processor. Zappiti SIGNATURE is designed for demanding video and audio enthusiasts who want the most out of their system.

The official importer of Zappiti players is ARCHUS.SI. You can find more at and at The website is also available.

Zidoo . players

Zidoo is a new brand in our market. They are particularly impressed with the high-quality workmanship and useful software. Zidoo delivers great value for money. In terms of price, it covers almost all sectors, so it also meets higher standards, the cost of which is up to 2000 euros. Zidoo launched a new series last year with the Realtek RTD1619DR processor.

The smallest Z9X has all the necessary features, is even smaller in size and allows you to connect your hard drive as an external drive via the USB port. It is intended for serious users with small investments.

The next model is the Z10 PRO, which has an additional option to install an internal hard drive via the RACK module. In addition, it has a coaxial video output and stereo RCA connectors.

The third is the Z1000 PRO model, which has a width of 350 mm. It has a hidden RACK module on the front panel, an additional SATA input, a standard coaxial video output and RCA audio connectors.

The fourth model, which already has all the characteristics of acoustics, is the UHD300 model. It has a standard Hi-Fi enclosure with a 32-bit built-in DAC ESS9068 + XMOS, with MQA, DSD512 and XLR audio output support. In the front we find two hidden shelf units. The Zidoo UHD3000 is powered by a dual toroidal converter.

The latest model that will be available in January 2022 is the NEO S. The NEO S is an all-in-one product designed for serious audio enthusiasts and serious video enthusiasts. The case is rather not classic with a front OLED touchscreen, XLR outputs and digital inputs (USB DAC, optical, coaxial, AES / EBU). The DAC uses a dual 32-bit ES9068, XMOS XU208 and dual power supply with toroidal switches. It has a built-in high-quality speaker and uses audio components. The NEO S is much more than that and is in fact an all-in-one product.

The official importer of Zidoo players is ARCHUS.SI. You can find more about the players at or in the online store In 2022, they are also preparing the website (Public relations)

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