New circumstances dictate new desires

Huawei has conducted an online survey about how important smart devices are in our lives, how we will spend the Christmas and New Year holidays, and what we really want under the Christmas trees this year.

188 Slovenes participated in the survey, 63% of them were men and 37% were women, the age groups between 36 and 50 years (34%) and between 51 and 65 years (36%) were the most representative.

Holidays for family and loved ones

If we start with the latest topic, the vast majority of respondents, 89.9% answered that they will spend the holiday season at home this year, 5.3% will take a vacation somewhere in Slovenia, and only 4.8% will recharge their batteries somewhere abroad. . Most people see the Christmas and New Year holidays as the time they want to share with their families and loved ones (71.4%), and should also be colored with good food and drink (60.8%), biscuit bread.34.4%), Christmas music brightens up a warm experience (29.6). %), winter joys in the snow (22.2%) and movie marathons in the evening (21.2%).

Under the spruce, most Slovenes (36%) want a new device, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles. Perhaps the reason for this can be found in the new conditions that have made such devices an indispensable part of our daily lives, and, of course, in the general popularity of new technologies, because they allow us to have fun in addition to work. In second place on the wish list of Slovenes are books and comics (12.7%), in third place new clothes (12.2%) and in fourth place sports equipment (11.6%).

Remote work, learning and socializing are still very important topics

Perhaps the desire for new devices coincides with the fact that this year most people are still working remotely mostly from home (43%) and less in the office (38.6%). Quite a few Slovenes also shared their time working remotely and at workplaces (18%). It is important to note that up to 75% of respondents to a recruitment service use a computer. Due to the new changing working conditions, the majority (42.9%) would find it easier to work if they could manage the same computer at home and at work.

The fact that computers have become an important part of our lives is also shown by the fact that 33.3% of people spend 5-10 hours a day with them, and few of them (9.5%) more than that. It is significant that they are used mostly for work and study (67.7%) and less for editing photos and videos (18%), watching movies (8.5%) and playing games (5.8%). We also trust computers more and more, as we store (64% of respondents) many accurate data about them, from accessing online banks to official documents.

In addition, devices have become indispensable in maintaining contact with loved ones. 37.6% of respondents use the phone for this purpose, 16.9% use chat apps, and many (33.9%) still prefer chatting directly over coffee when possible.

Slovenes have high expectations of their devices

Due to the increasing demands, Slovenes also have higher and higher expectations of computers, because this is the only way they can successfully cope with all tasks. In the first place is good performance and processor (78.3%), followed by memory and memory (61.9%), screen quality with HD (60.8%), durability and battery (40.2%), good graphics card (36%). and security features (22.8%), backlit keyboard and quality (22.2%) and webcam (22.2%). Another important feature, however, is connectivity. Most often (49.2%) we connect our phones to computers, followed by headphones (18%) and external monitors (17.5%), followed by tablets and speakers.

In the end, we would like to start from the beginning – desires. Surprisingly, a quarter of respondents (25%) said that they do not currently own a computer. This fully corresponds to the wishes that these devices appear in the first place. We are beginning to realize that computers are really becoming indispensable, as we need them in all aspects of life – in work, study and leisure.

A laptop that can handle any task – Huawei MateBook 14s

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