Oppo soon with a smart ring too?

The Finnish company Oura recently pleasantly surprised us with their third generation of smart ring, the Oura Ring. It is considered one of the best smart rings to date, as it contains advanced electronics and precise sensors despite its limited dimensions. Despite its small size, it is very accurate when measuring, so the user always has accurate data.

Sensors or sensors inside and outside the ring measure body temperature, sleep cycles, resting heart rate, heart rate changes, and more. A brand new sensor was used for the last task. All of the above can be constantly monitored in a dedicated app available for iOS and Android operating systems.

As it turns out, Oura will soon have a decent competition in the field of smart rings. Rumors have surfaced on the internet that a similar smart ring will soon be offered for sale by Oppo. The smart ring is said to be equipped with artificial intelligence elements and to provide excellent connectivity with other Oppo smartphones, such as the Oppo Air Glass smart glasses. More information about the novelty is expected in early 2022.

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