Samsung is working with Netflix – the second season of the series…

Samsung Electronics has announced the latest developments in its ongoing partnership with giant Netflix. This time they announced the result of the second season of Emily in Paris, which was created under the auspices of MTV Entertainment Studios. The series, which was nominated for an Emmy, is famous for celebrating the iconic Parisian style of the 21st century. The production also collaborated with Samsung to bring world-class technology to fans of the series.

In the first season, the beautiful environment and Parisian characters give viewers an insight into French style and culture, which is also the driving force for the series’ success. The feeling of escaping from reality is exemplified by a first-class cast, including famous character Silvia Grato. Sylvie, played by Samsung spokeswoman Leroy Beaulieu, is the boss of main character Emily and director of luxury product marketing agency Savoir. Sylvie personifies true stylistic authority; Excellent in her work, strong, commanding and always tidy, she became one of the most recognizable and popular characters of the first season. In Season 2, Sylvie opts for the sleek and fast Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G to make sure she stays on top of her personal and professional life and keeps Emily and the entire agency on their feet.

But it’s not just a selfie that has benefited from the style and elegance of the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. At the start of Season 2, Samsung and Netflix will bring iconic style and technology to fans of the series through an integrated campaign; Offline ads, social and influencer content, and TikTok filter, which offers fans a new way to enjoy the show through the lens of the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. The filter would allow fans to “change the text” and thus become the main character of his Emily in Paris cartoon poster. The amazing Galaxy Z Flip3 5G will open in front of the user and place them in front of the famous Eiffel Tower. TikTok users can experience the effect of a “scenario change” starting December 28.

Benjamin Brown“We are always at the forefront of creativity and innovation,” said Samsung’s Head of Marketing for Europe. “We are excited to be working with Netflix for the second season of their biggest hit, Emily in Paris, and in doing so we will see Selfie wearing the iconic Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, which perfectly fits the personality of the device.” We look forward to the further, deeper development of this partnership in the future.”

Samsung’s latest line of cutting edge products is set to push the boundaries of innovation for fans of the series and showcase the brands’ ability to combine pioneering style, innovation and manufacturing. Some of the Samsung products included in the series:

• Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G: a modern and innovative foldable phone developed for fashionistas and multitasking enthusiasts who simply want to switch between taking a full ‘selfie’ and emailing or just catching up on their latest episode on the go.

• Galaxy Watch3A modern and practical wearable device that allows you to monitor all your health measurements with one wrist, turning your daily walk into a dazzling viewing platform.

• serif: A unique TV that combines iconic design and stunning visuals to turn any show or movie into a great viewing experience, as if you were walking through the Musée d’Orsay (National Museum of France) on your own.

• Siro: The revolutionary Sero TV is the world’s first design that allows you to seamlessly switch between landscape and portrait content so you can easily watch Netflix or social content on mobile devices.

• Detailed cube: A compact, all-purpose refrigerator solution that can be easily placed anywhere in the home, so that everything stays fresh for a long time – from wine to cosmetics.

Insomnia fridge with freezer: An innovative modular refrigerator solution that allows you to embrace customization and innovative technology in your home.

The second season of Emily in Paris is already available to watch on Netflix.

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