Sophos Switch – a new family of products …

Sophos recently introduced a new range of products for companies – Sophos Switch, which provides secure and scalable network access for wired and wireless devices and ensures high reliability.

Many companies are trying to integrate and manage a range of network equipment from different manufacturers to enable connectivity, speed and security in some way. Sophos switches provide a simple management solution from the existing central console, where companies already monitor antivirus protection, firewalls, WiFi devices, and other Sophos Central products.

Sophos switches are ideal for remote and home offices, small and medium businesses, retail outlets and branches and meet the needs of many businesses. The 100 Series is available in sizes from 8 to 48 1 GB ports, with or without PoE support. In the first half of 2022, Sophos will introduce the 200 series, which will be equipped with 2.5 GB of connection slots.

More information about the new Sophos switches can be found on this page.

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