Have you given up (very quickly) on a broken phone? …

How long do you change your phone on average? Two years? What is the most common cause? Phone fails or just upgrade to newer?

Smartphone manufacturers skillfully prepare different versions of phones throughout the year. They start with the premium or flagship horses, then the slightly weaker and cheaper phones. This is a smart marketing strategy that attracts many customers. It’s hard to resist new games with a new camera, processor, or screen. However, you should, especially if you change your phone because you think there is no help for your broken phone. There are many cases where users would rather buy a new phone than replace a cracked screen or faulty charging connector.

Before buying a new phone, think carefully and ask Mobistekla if it is worth repairing your phone. However, transparency is not their only virtue, because they also pride themselves on the speed and quality of repairs. Most of the machines are repaired within 24 hours, and as a last resort and upon customer’s request, the repair can be arranged within 2 hours.

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