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Detect wireless network weaknesses and unusual network activity.

In principle, there are two versions of the application Air Defense. The first has been on the show for over ten years extremist networks As a stand-alone application, on a dedicated platform, or as software loaded onto a VMWare EXSi server at the user’s location. But we find it under the name Heavy air defense.

With the introduction of a new platform for controlling Wi-Fi systems from the cloud, a version . has also been developed AirDefense Basics. AirDefense Basics It is part of the control platform ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot Available without an additional license.

It is one of five applications that provide value-added functionality for the control system. In doing so, the capabilities of cloud control systems come to the fore. New features are available without adding or upgrading servers at the subscriber’s location.

If you choose the company’s AP410C and AP460C Wi-Fi access points, the functions are already available in the control platform ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot. Functions will also be available for AP305C / CX access points soon. This is followed by other access points of the updated software extremist networks.

If you’re still considering investing in a high-end Wi-Fi system based on Extreme Networks, the best way to make sure it’s usable is to test it on “beta” networks. extremist networks.

Would you like more options for controlling what happens in the radio space where your Wi-Fi system is operating? Then this is right for you Heavy air defense, which is installed on a server in your location and has some very useful additional features. Among other things ‘live show’And “Advanced Forensic Medicine” in a Threat Analysis“.

See how the versions differ and how companies choose different layouts for the system >>

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