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Mega M doo is a high-tech company that is constantly looking for planet-friendly opportunities in the market.

Under the MegaTel brand, the company offers a wide range of digital and sustainable ICT solutions: Internet and mobile protocol, Internet access, cloud computing solutions, IoT, loyalty systems, and modern e-mobility solutions.

Comprehensive Services for Better Business

Since 2002, Mega M, headquartered in Velingi, has been helping domestic and foreign companies achieve greater efficiency and better communication in the business environment. The importance of improved ICT services has been particularly prominent in the past two years, when companies have faced stormy business regulation or person-to-person communication. Working from home, insufficient technical equipment, poor broadband connections, lack of technical knowledge and security assurance are challenges that many businesses face.

An important part of this is the companies or service providers who are already at home in the world of modern ICT solutions, and at the same time approach your challenges individually. Mega M’s approach is based on professional adaptation to the needs of business partners through comprehensive analysis and cost optimization, while ensuring impeccable services, security and technical support. MegaTel services are characterized by constant technology awareness with innovations and business modernization, allowing business partners to stay informed, as evidenced by positive customer responses.

MegaTel IP telephony is a modern and simple solution to telecommunication needs, broadband network is used for voice transmission. It provides a set of functions tailored to the needs of users. From calling arrangements, answering machine installation, free internal calls, statistics and caller identification to more advanced functionality with the ability to use the phone via PC user apps and apps on smartphones. MegaTel IP telephony ensures that employees can work more efficiently, allows them to monitor their progress and provide a superior calling experience.

The world of modern mobile communications

A powerful mobile phone is an invaluable business tool, as it allows us to multitask and organize, as well as a wealth of information at our fingertips. For full use, we need a stable and high-quality network, which MegaTel also offers to its customers. Conference calls and download attachments seamlessly anywhere, anytime is no accident.

MegaTel is the choice for all users who want high quality mobile connections. They provide services on the network with the largest coverage of the population, which covers up to 99%, and the packages are classified according to the type of user – from the simple to the most demanding.

Smart home charging for electric cars

The number one question when deciding to purchase an electric vehicle is how far a single-charge vehicle can be, and this is quickly followed by where and how far we will charge it. The smart home charging service for electric cars allows you to organize charging at the best time intervals (dynamic charging of electricity usage). This allows the user to save costs while at the same time optimizing energy efficiency.

The service additionally allows integration with the solar power plant for the user and with a dynamic power regulation function that ensures stable and uninterrupted operation of the grid when operating larger domestic consumers, such as a heat pump, boiler or furnace. The user manages the home charging station using the Mega Mobility application on his smartphone and sets the time to start charging or the required charging of the electric car battery at a certain time and the charging power.

More than a thousand electronic chargers in the near future

eMobility, which received the Gold Award for Innovation in September 2021, also provides the ability to charge your electric vehicle on public charging infrastructure, such as municipal charging stations, shopping mall charging stations and driveway charging stations. Charging station locations with corresponding price lists are shown in the app, so the user can check the occupancy and operation of any of the 240,000 publicly available charging stations in 28 EU countries in real time. MegaTel plans to create more than a thousand MegaTel eCharging stations available to the public in the near future, and it also enables the installation and activation of charging stations for private users and businesses.

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