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If you are also having trouble finding a free GP, there is an app available from now on that will make your search easier.

Many people have trouble finding a new personal physician who still accepts new patients. Therefore, the organization that brought the COVID tracker decided to develop a new application where all the free personal doctors are gathered in one place.

The application is available online It is still in development (beta), so the data may not be accurate. The source of the data, they say in the company, is the Institute of Health Insurance of Slovenia (ZZZS), where Excel tables are maintained for all doctors in Slovenia.

In the spirit of digitization, which should bring public services closer to users, we put a friendly user experience, meaningful graphics and geographical proximity function, which is also one of the main legal definitions of the right to choose a personal doctor – choosing a doctor as close as possibleThey announced.

The project is completely open source, and the code is available at, where anyone can view it and contribute to the running of the web application.

The service is not limited to general practitioners, but users can also find pediatricians, gynecologists, and dentists for free.

In the application you can find doctors all over Slovenia, where it is written whether they accept new patients, as well as their name and surname, how busy they are with patients – and if it is less than 100%, it is indicated why they are not accepting new patients. Some also have an outpatient phone number.

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