Which Roombo to Buy, But When…

You are wondering what kind of Roombo to buy will serve the purpose optimally and you will pay a reasonable price for it. The answer is not that complicated in principle, but it does require knowing what you actually expect and how you plan to use it.

Roombe has become synonymous with robotic vacuum cleaners. In fact, they are the most advanced robotic vacuum cleaners. IRobot is often the driving force behind the development of these. With this fact, we can also justify a slightly higher price tag than the imitators.

Roombe is used for random navigation, and in recent years it has been replaced by systematic navigation based on cameras or gyroscopes. But on a smaller scale, the old models are still on display and will easily benefit you. Of course, they are a little less advanced than the newer models, but they are also incredibly competitively priced.

For the least demanding, the cheapest is suitable

Although the cheapest Roombs have gained the ability to design a suction table and are linked to a mobile app, the random scroll algorithm makes it even better if it works when you’re at home. You take the robot into the room, press the suction button and close the door to prevent it from escaping. When he’s finished, take him to another room and repeat the process. This is the easiest way. But it is not necessarily useful for this purpose alone. The Roomba e5 or Roomba 694 family vacuum cleaners are ideal for smaller apartments, transporting up to 60 square meters, in which you do not get lost during work. What’s more, if you have a request and there is nothing on the floor to make it more efficient while vacuuming. This is when the schedule management or mobile application is launched.

The robots are suitable for less demanding people, and they use them as needed, sometimes and when they are at home, so they can operate them manually. At the same time, it is intended for consumers who are more price-sensitive, who, despite the low price, still offer them relatively a lot.

With or without self-cleaning station

The newest and most technologically advanced Roombees with or without a station is available with a built-in vacuum cleaner that automatically empties the container after each cleaning. It’s not a necessary accessory, but it’s definitely recommended, because you’ll have much less worries about emptying the container or maintaining the robot in general. It will likely be necessary to change the bag at the station once every two months and check and clean the brushes and filter once a week and if necessary. Since the newer Roombe has a system of two rubber brushes that are a lot easier to clean, not getting tangled up with long strands and hair, that’s also infinitely simpler than when one of the brushes still had bristles.

For the least demanding or if you want the robot to absorb in complete darkness

If you are looking for a good compromise between performance and price, the i3 family models cannot be missed. Despite the minor drawback that the robot does not always form a floor plan and thus cannot select areas in the application where it should not or send it to absorb the specified rooms. Although it sucks systemically and there are no major apartment size restrictions, as it can return the battery and recharge it if necessary, its management is limited as a result. If he can’t go anywhere, we show him that with a virtual wall.

The reason iRobot decided to navigate with the help of gyroscopes is because robots with cameras need some light to work. In addition, the i3 is cheaper and therefore more attractive to a wide range of consumers. He is also distinguished by his ability to learn, as he is more attentive to areas in which he has repeatedly detected an increased concentration of litter. As befits iRobot devices, the focus is not so much on the suction power, which is high enough of course, but on improving the garbage collection system with two counter-rotating rubber brushes. While sweeping, the robot goes through some points several times, but the battery is large enough to be able to empty a medium-sized flat or floor at one time. The navigation system is also accurate enough that the robot always finds its way to the starting point.

The i3 family bots are for anyone looking for a solid but not too expensive device that can clean any room at the same time, regardless of size, and provides an effective cleaning mechanism.

Perfect for those who expect a lot from a robot

Some older Roomb models are slowly getting out of business, but since they’re still powerful hardware, it’s worth checking out the affordable price tag. They are replaced by two mechanisms of the i7 family, which in all respects belong to the golden mean of modern robotic vacuum cleaners. Above all, they offer almost complete management via a smartphone app.

The Roomba i7 features a fairly advanced navigation, which along with the various proximity and touch sensors is provided by the camera on the back, oriented slightly forward and slightly upward. With its help, the robot creates the floor plan of the space in two stages, saves it and allows editing. They can have multiple floor plans stored at the same time and the bot automatically recognizes where we put them. The suction is carried out systematically and efficiently, as it is equipped with all modern technologies, such as automatic recognition of areas with a high concentration of litter. The size of the room is no obstacle, as it can always be returned to charge the battery. If you don’t know exactly which Roombo to buy, then with the i7 you just can’t turn it off.

The i7 bot family is the most versatile and offers perfect performance for most users.

The robot is friendly to animals and their “stimulants”

The latest model from the American company iRobot uses an improved navigation system with accurate vision, which through a front camera can identify and recognize objects on the ground, while the artificial intelligence system of the vacuum cleaner with machine learning allows it to remember and cut it. Every time better. So when he comes across something specific for the first time he’s not sure what to do with it, he records it and sends a picture of it via the app. To further accentuate this kind of performance, iRobot has also developed an important guarantee called POOP (Official Pet Owner Promise). The meaning of the warranty is that iRobot believes so much in the object recognition process that it guarantees that the robot will be replaced within one year of purchase, should it fail and bypass a pet’s poop.

In other features, Roomba J7 + is very similar to other family models. It also features a system of two counter-rotating rubber brushes, relies on a touch sensor to move as close to the edges as possible, and designs and saves floor plans that can be arranged as desired. To work normally even in the dark, it is equipped with a flashlight mounted above the camera that illuminates the area in front of the robot well.

The Roombe J7 is perfect for anyone who has a pet at home or who doesn’t like having things removed from the floor all the time. He recognizes them, avoids them, does not push them in front of him, or even gets involved with them.

For the most demanding in all respects

The Roomba S9 actually looks different from most other robots in its flat front and, on the bottom, a dual-brush mechanism almost its entire length. Due to the almost right angle where the front surface of the housing passes into the rounded stern, the robot is better “pressed” to the edge and can, in ideal conditions, suck up debris even in corners. The side broom rotates relatively slowly and has a smaller diameter, resulting in a smaller section of the circle where debris will fly away from it rather than under it. Few of them remain on the ground when they do their work, and this is all the more evident if the robot with the uniform suction mode is set to pass through space only once. Due to the combination of taller brushes, smaller vacuums, increased power, and the fact that the S9 sucks up space first and only then the edges, the garbage collection efficiency is actually better than most vacuum cleaners on the market.

The perfect robot for all the tech enthusiasts who care a lot about having the best technology allows at home. You will definitely be satisfied with the performance of the Roombe S9, as it is not the most expensive out there.

As this robot is the best technology available, everyone will love to have it. But desire is usually not a guarantee of an economical purchase. exactly the contrary. Roomb S9 is a great and powerful bot, but it won’t help you much if you don’t need its capabilities. This is why there are so many different models on the iRobot offering. That everyone find the perfect person for themselves!

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