3 Things Entrepreneurs Will Do…

Whether you work from home, in the office or in a hybrid space, we have prepared for you 3 devices that will positively change your working days and facilitate all work commitments.

Powerful innovation for life on the go

The Huawei MateBook 14s is a thin and light laptop that you can take with you everywhere, yet still powerful enough to take on all of your work and personal challenges. You can unlock it with your face or your fingerprint and you’re ready for the day’s work. The powerful battery of this computer allows you to work for hours and hours from anywhere. You will be impressed not only with its simple and modern design, but also with its FullView display and 90Hz refresh rate, making everything on the screen work quickly and without a hitch.

Huawei MateBook 14s will give you hours of pleasant working, thanks to the certification of low blue light and improved eye protection, as well as the certification of the screen without flicker.

This is an ideal computer for video calls and conference calls. Four front microphones detect your voice in a 360-degree circle and up to five meters away. Personal Audio Enhancement successfully filters foreign sounds during meetings and calls and ensures that you always hear crystal clear and crisp.

Thanks to the powerful processor, you can run multiple programs simultaneously and enjoy amazing levels of multitasking. Plus, you can instantly access all your files with dual-channel memory and a fast SSD.

USB A and C ports allow you to connect to any device. If you have a new Huawei 9 smartphone, you don’t need a cable. Combined with Huawei Share wireless technology, these two devices will work as one and allow you to quickly and easily connect them and exchange data with each other.

A smart watch for all your needs

If you have work and responsibilities above your head, the Huawei Watch GT 3 will allow you to answer phone calls, check notifications, and read messages faster than ever. This smartwatch will help you stay healthy and fit, which is the only way to achieve great business results in the long run. On busy days, it will remind you that you need to take care of your health, and a durable battery will accompany you without any problems throughout the week. With a few thousand accessories and modifications available for your watch that you can download, the Huawei Watch GT 3 can be customized to your liking. So on the watch you can quickly change and match straps with all your outfits and adapt to any occasion.

A mobile phone for whatever you want

You cannot afford not to follow the events, especially if your battery is low and you expect reliability and durability from your mobile phone. The solution is the new Huawei phone 9! A lightweight mobile phone with a large, crystal-clear screen that allows you to browse content wherever you are. Powerful battery, charged in 38 minutes, fulfills all work obligations. It is unimaginable to live and work in the digital world without a great camera. The Huawei nova 9 has a 4K selfie camera, the main cameras are on the back, which will take attractive photos even in difficult conditions, and with the help of the watch you can control the camera.

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