New iPhone without card slot…

As amazing as it may sound, the SIM has been around for three decades. The first SIM card was manufactured in 1991 in Munich, Germany, and it has undergone many changes since then. The SIM card contains important information, such as phone number, security information, contacts, text messages, service provider information, and network authentication software. One of the biggest advantages of a SIM card is that the user can easily transfer it from one mobile phone to another.

Recently, so-called eSIM cards have become more and more popular. The built-in SIM or eSIM has only become popular in recent years, as it is necessary to operate some expensive smartwatches, with which we can also call and write messages without the need for a smartphone. However, it is also useful in smartphones, as it allows us to arrange subscriptions and change operators in a few minutes remotely, without having to get a new SIM, so the eSIM is definitely the card of the future. So it’s no surprise that the new iPhone brings a change that will be revolutionary.

If the rumors online are to be believed, the new iPhone will not have a SIM card slot. This means that we will be able to use the new iPhone exclusively with eSIM phone cards. It is not yet known when this will actually happen. Some believe that this may happen as early as next year with the iPhone 14 phones, while others believe that it will be necessary to wait for the iPhone 15 in 2023.

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