The new Android 13 without a doubt…

Although the Android 12 mobile operating system has just begun its journey, the developers at Google are already preparing for its successor. This will be Android 13 with development named Tiramisu. Although the new version will not be available for download for some time, enthusiasts of the XDA Developers web portal have revealed many of its secrets.

It seems that the new mobile operating system Android 13 will have a smarter system for using messages. In addition, the user will have more control over what messages will be shown to him. A completely new system for use with high electricity consumption will also be available here. This is especially true for connecting to Bluetooth devices. The new Android 13 is supposed to support the Bluetooth LE Audio standard.

The Bluetooth LE Audio standard will virtually allow wireless music transmission with minimal power consumption. This should therefore expand the autonomy of both Android smartphones and wireless headphones. In addition, the new Android 13 operating system is expected to bring support for the LC3 audio codec. In practice, this will mean better listening to music with much lower power consumption than current devices.

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