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The 5G network offers unimaginable opportunities for development and advancement for both individuals and the economy. The new technology features much higher speeds, faster response and wider throughput.

The world is developing at a rapid pace and will grow even faster in the future, thanks in large part to the fifth generation of 5G mobile technology. This provides unimaginable opportunities for progress and development, which we will take advantage of on many levels. With the new technology, the speeds will be much higher, there will be more bandwidth, and the performance will be better.

People want more and more

For individuals, the new generation of mobile devices means further development, as the performance is already at a high level with the current generation. But as people are always striving for more, we will of course be happy to take full advantage of 5G. We will be able to do everything faster and more efficiently on our new network. For example, we download movies much faster, smart homes will become smarter, safer and more comfortable, the online shopping experience will take on new dimensions, and the monitoring of sports events will be greatly enriched.

Besides virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology, 5G will also provide an enriching experience. Using special smart glasses, we’ll be able to perform part of a remote concert on the other side of the world, peeking into otherwise closed destinations, such as strictly protected national parks, or “meeting” animals long gone extinct. With the help of responsive clothing, video game enthusiasts will feel vibrations when driving a combination, etc.

5G and the Internet of Things

Much more, the endless possibilities offered by 5G will come to the fore in the economy, and here we are talking about revolution rather than evolution. Due to the significantly higher speeds, the delays will be minimal, which is very important when communicating between different devices, ie. The Internet of things.

This will help in the development of smart industry, agriculture and society as a whole. 5G technology combined with the Internet of Things makes it possible to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and use renewable energy sources more efficiently. It can help reduce air and water pollution, reduce wastewater and food, protect wildlife and the environment, and enable the creation of smart cities.

Even in the field of public safety or disaster relief, 5G brings benefits to firefighters and rescue workers. It will make it easier to put out fires, rescue from the mountains, as well as find lost people or pets. It also enables the development of digitization of health services, telemedicine for patients, and specific complex solutions such as remote diagnosis, consultation and operations.

Telemach first with true 5G experience

Telemach was the first to offer a gigabit network with a true 5G experience, which also provides the largest coverage at gigabit speeds in Slovenia. 5G is now offered in 50 places across Slovenia, at the same time accelerating its establishment. In the fall, he once again upgraded his bestselling mobile phone packages More! All MORE package users can access the 5G network for free.

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