Chorus: Welcome to the new world…

Space action during games is no longer represented as it once was, but we still find titles that take us to the stars and steer the rudder in the hands of an armed ship. This is Chorus, which is not based on any current franchise, such as Star Wars, but offers a new world of the future.

Humanity disintegrated through the stars and individual worlds or of course factions began to collide with each other. One of these locations is the heroine Nara, who, after destroying the entire planet, abandons the teachers and escapes to a new life. But the Dark Ones are making huge progress, and it’s time she’ll have to oppose them. He will do this in a large-scale single-player campaign of his loyal ship, which we observe from the rear view.

The ship is fast-moving and stings like a hornet, whether it’s battling hunters, cruisers, or fighting in space or above the surface of planets. The beat is airy and tense, but the chorus doesn’t just deliver that. It is not linear and limited, but takes place in several consecutive open areas, where we fly freely and perform main and side missions and power up Naro and her ship. New and improved equipment can be screwed in to the latter and better protection. As a futuristic witch, Nara has supernatural powers in the technique of teleporting and scanning the surroundings, which greatly helps her in battles and contributes to her unique atmosphere. The game could be a bit more polished and the story unfolds very slowly, but if you like the genre and you’re going to say Star Wars Squadrons, the product is definitely recommended.

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