Samsung is considering giving up…

Due to the large fragmentation, the Android mobile operating system is becoming less manageable day by day as these mobile devices are now made by thousands of different manufacturers. Most of them, of course, can be found in China, where there are very few companies that make cheap but sufficiently powerful Android smartphones.

Given the large split of Android, Samsung is seriously considering getting rid of it for good, in favor of Google’s Fuchsia OS. This is a very interesting open source project or operating system based on the Dart programming language whose core supports all types of devices. In practice, this could mean that Google Fuchsia could be installed on a smartwatch as well as on a smartphone or desktop computer in the near future. This, however, is what Samsung is supposed to like.

Of course, the transition from Android to Fuchsia OS won’t happen overnight. Experts are convinced that it will take a year or more before Fuchsia OS becomes part of Samsung mobile devices. It is not known at the moment if other leading mobile phone manufacturers will decide to take a similar step.

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