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Consistent and clear communication is key to the company’s existence and success. One missed or missed call can be the difference between making a deal or taking customers to the competition.

Classic analog telephone systems have been the only choice for business communications for many years. At the beginning of the Internet, another solution appeared, the VoIP service. The solution did not take effect at the time, and the Internet, which did not have enough bandwidth, was the cause.

VoIP patiently waited for its opportunity and continued to evolve. Once ISPs increased their speeds, VoIP telephony established itself as the best solution for business communications. Among the most popular is Microsoft Teams, which could get better.

Telprom now offers new and existing Microsoft Teams customers a cheaper way to communicate with 3CX, which fully integrates with your existing system and provides additional telephony features with ease of use.

how? Let’s take a closer look at the 3CX VoIP solution.

Why integrate Microsoft Teams with 3CX dial-up?

Microsoft Teams is the most popular collaboration platform. Users add co-workers or clients to private channels or teams, which become the central hub for collaboration. In addition to chat, Teams also offers tools for group calling and email. However, what is lacking are key communication features such as queues, customer-based call routing, and advanced reporting tools.

Fortunately, Microsoft Teams users don’t have to search for a new platform. These features can be easily obtained by integrating the 3CX dial. 3CX is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which the SBC controller protects from unauthorized access, helps overcome common firewall problems, and reduces unnecessary traffic.

You will get advanced reporting tools, including a detailed analysis of each operator’s activity (number of calls made, average call duration…), operator status (busy, free…), number of missed calls, call details, and caller ID, how long the call has been on hold…) and the like.

To satisfy your customers and partners, 3CX Telephony adds advanced queuing features. You can forward the caller according to the preset settings, such as which operator has the least total speaking time, the agent with the least number of calls, the best proxy, three random agents, etc. There is also a feature to route calls according to customers’ needs. The system will automatically ensure that clients are redirected to professionals who will be able to solve their requirements on the first call.

3CX also supports a wide range of application programming interfaces (APIs) and CRM systems. However, anyone with basic programming knowledge can use a handy wizard to create XML models for CRM systems. For example, you can create a CRM system that automatically recognizes the caller when you call and adds it to the 3CX directory.

You can use the 3CX client on your PC or phone, and you can also make calls directly from Microsoft Teams. More than 100 different connections and other IP devices (Yealink, Snom, Fanvil, Cyberdata, Gigaset and Grandstream) are supported. You can also record calls, the number of users is unlimited.

Reduce communication costs by up to 40%

You can use the basic Teams license to make calls, which you supplement with a 3CX license to make VoIP calls. In addition to better transparency of calls, these will also be cheaper, as they will be made through local SIP providers.

Who would be interested in integrating the 3CX dial? You can entrust Telprom with this task, which will reduce your costs by hosting the 3CX exchange in its data center. They have many years of experience in integration and maintenance for various industries for small and large businesses. You can count on 3CX certified engineers and data center equipped with the latest hardware and software.

More about the 3CX service on the website www.telprom.si. (Public relations)

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