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YouTube has stopped showing the number of non-fans despite public opposition. But you can get the counter back.

When you click on the button that you don’t like some content, an inscription appears saying that your opinion has been shared with the creator, after which the story ends.

Despite public opposition, YouTube removed the counter, so it’s now possible to mark a video you don’t like, but you no longer see the number of people who have clicked the same button as you. The number of likes, meanwhile, remains.

Meanwhile, a new website has come out that offers a web browser extension that will bring you back the number of dislikes. The service doesn’t expect the number, it gets accurate information through the Google API.

However, Google decided to turn off the API before the new year, as a result of which Selivan (creator of the extension) archived the number of likes for various videos on the platform. Once the API is deprecated, the extension “will switch to using a set of archived hate stats, ratings derived from the extension’s user data, and ratings based on views and likes for videos that have not been archived as dislikes”. website.

As a result, accuracy will deteriorate over time, especially for new videos (more than 500 hours of new content are posted per day), and the data will be refreshed every 2-3 days. However, precise data will continue to be collected anonymously from users who have installed the extension, with the video link being sent to the system when the user clicks the dislike button.

However, the exact details of the likes will still be available to the video creator who uploaded the video for each video.

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