Yet the tourist is now still digital…

Slovenes can now expect digital vouchers after tourist vouchers. But beware: not everyone will be eligible for it.

After the vouchers, the Government Office for Digital Transformation is now preparing the digital vouchers. What purchases will these vouchers be used for? We will be able to cash it out to buy computers. However, the most significant difference is that these coupons will not be available to everyone. Pupils, students, and seniors are likely to be eligible.

Of course, everyone who may receive the coupons is most interested in their value. We are talking about 150 euros, which can be used to purchase computers by science and technology students and seniors, who will be included in special free educational programs. So there are quite a few conditions that must be met. The law could be passed in the spring.

One of the objectives of this measure is the desire to inspire young people with technical skills and professions. There is a shortage of these staff today. When it comes to seniors, an important goal is to give people over 55 years of age access to free digital skills courses. In this way, even a beginner can learn how to use, for example, Internet banking and government services. Therefore, it is primarily a matter of promoting young technology personnel and digital literacy of the elderly.

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